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Artist: Heiruspecs
Album:  A Tiger Dancing
Song:   A Tiger Dancing
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Rock your body to the bass drum, take some high hat
Stack the energy like a Lego set, read the liner
Peter's got my back, we can give you some of that
Guaranteed to blow the spot like a strip miner
You can find us in the basement
Workin' on that stomp your feet sound, stomp the beat down
Often we clown and "get around" like Tupac
But still find time to rip the shit wide open
Like one of Hulk Hogan's tank tops
You can't knock the hustle and hustle we will
No cheap trick, no frills and no thrills
Just straight forward head noddin' we provide y'all
Make other similar crews break apart like A Tribe Called
My Quest to find peace with streets through beats that won't cease
Is at the very least a beast
I feast on a break then I take my aim
They just look sort of good, they got Kournikova game
(call me)

Purpose to make kids nervous
Absurd curvature known to come free with any purchase
And it seems to work
I didn't mean to hurt your ego
Webelos scout, keep the kerchief
Wipe your peepers, it's Ebenezer Bleezer's freezer pleasers
Sukiyaki succotash smash your speakers
Hummingbird tongue spun gutter stun gun words, yum
Sunburst Buttersworth, verse one
I've been fortunate for these past quarter of orbits
More of the time bouncin' between joyous and morbid
I'm sore from tug of wars with words and phrases
But sick of abstainin' from stainin' pages with brain drips
Don't strain or else sprain your lips
Feelin' brave, bitch?
Bring beef and leave with braised tips
Smothered in gravy, train wreck the set daily
Your behavior ain't been favorable lately
A veritable barrel of terrible fates awaits how people
relate to you And equate your parables
Mics and lady friends, poke 'em both like they're darin' you
Tongue undulations elate the maritals

[Felix] (7X)
Move tiger, pick up your paws and let's dance
Entrance, mesmerize, and move hands

Seemingly fiendin' like a demon for the DJ makin' me scream it
I mean it, just plug me in ultravenous