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Artist: Heiruspecs
Album:  A Tiger Dancing
Song:   5ves
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(Muad'Dib vocal scratching) 1...2...3...4...5...(x2)


(Muad'Dib vocal scratching) One..
(Felix)...Is for the live shows
(Muad'Dib) Two..
(Felix)...Is for the beats and
(Muad'Dib) Three..
(Felix)...Is for the woman who sleeps under my sheets so
(Muad'Dib) Four..
(Felix)...Is for the energy that builds exponentially
(Muad'Dib) Five..
(Felix) for my friends that keep on reinventing me

(chorus repeats twice)

First verse:

On the fifth day
My day off
I'm up early
The early worm gets the big bite by little birdie
The early bird gets gets chased and caught by the cat
Watch your back little birdie
Cause I'm up
from my nap
Yes I got a cable T.V
And I got a cable mic
It's only got...(Muad'Dib) One..
(Felix), but the reception is tight
I'm flying by the seat of my pants
So at the end of the night
Your records come alive
And beg for the daylight
(Muad'Dib) And five miles..
(Felix) ...away my brother is in his room
Playing games
Like Starcraft
And burning other people to flames
And likewise
Right here
Right now
The show of aggression has..
(Felix)...fingers and..
Next lesson
The session gets deeper
Follow me through
I brought my pen and pad
And just a little inspiration
To guide with you
You could just listen and learn
Itching to burn
Vision for the rhyme of giving to return


(musical interlude-drums, base, keyboards)
(Muad'Dib vocal scratching over musical interlude) 1...2...3...4...5... (x2)

Second verse:
Wake up, it's early morning
Get dressed
Turn on my radio
Another beautiful day
in my neighborhood
Since the morning's when I'm mostly inspired
Though I'm still a bit tired
I write because I'm feeling
Like the flava's good
Saturday was yesterday
Last week
And nothing's open now
except coffee shops
Which really ain't my style
I smile as I'm writing this world is still asleep
And it's just me and the sun
And we're conversing for a while
Now it's..
(Felix) the early
And the shadow on my lawn becomes a midget
As the sun comes rolling along
A little bit more hustle
As I nod to my neighbors
They have no idea that they could be in this song
Their cool is still the dopest person out there
My mother
She accepts me for my rap
As if rapping is my lover
And she, she accepts me for my rapping of course
Because art needs inspiration needs a source
Don't blink on...(Muad'Dib)...Five..
(Felix)...PM on this day
I'm driving by
Driving away
Driving to say
That my throat hurts from all the talking and really no work
And everybody is writing calling Felix a jerk
So what doesn't make you wince now
can only make you better
We'd all be better swimmers
If the earth was really wetter
The moral of the story is to remain untold
And never really ends
It just twists and unfolds saying..

(chorus) x4
(musical interlude, fades out)