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Artist: Haystak
Album:  This Could Happen to You (S)
Song:   This Could Happen to You
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yea that's wat I love about you so much
a lot of females you get a gangsta motha fucka and try n change a motha fucka

He can't keep a low profile just stayin in style
prolly somewhere rockin through tha karrotz right now
but he holds me down and he feeds his kids
cause at 3 am I know what it is
He callin bout the rocks in the closet
he was runnin from the cops and he tossed it
and when there no one else he can call his boo
I'm downtown in my robe and some house shoes

[Chorus x2: just girl]
This Could happen to you if you're in love with a gangsta
Addicted to the thrill ya dig the constant danger

I never regreted callin those bitches and hoes
till she stood up like a soulja to six o them hoes
Po pos told her they knew she was lyin knew they was mine
most chikz would of started cryin but not mine
I got an eye for an eye, ride or die, flip a pie type bitch
that's my bitch, my bitch never saw shoe boxes full a cash
never seen an air bag panel pop up out tha dash
She wasted her past with them crumb cakes
small time dudes that only moved weight
I drafted her into the major leagues
and taught her how to get this money gettin majorly. Baby

I thought it was a robery, till I heard him scream police
he asked me about the keyz, I responded what keyz?
He said don't you play dumb with me
I said sir are you done with me?
My old man knows I ain't talkin ta them
so if we're finished here just take me with him ladies

[Chorus x2]

She love me in white Ts she love me in Shean Jon
She gon be in love with me till afta I'm long gone
Bangin Bodies we given the head board hell
at the swishill down in the ATL, she doin her job
she gonna make it bouce back and if we get robbed
we gonna make it bounce back count stakz
blowin on the OG cush nothin means more to us than us
On the low I got a criminal gal, she know how to shot the strap
work a digital scale, from trappin and holdin my strap to livin off raps
be at my funeral with kids on her lap

He had blood on his clothes when he showed up at our door
I shouldn't have been so surprised
I knew them boys was at war with some fools from the other side
but my boo be the first to ride
He just told me he loved me then laid down and closed his eyes

[Chorus x2]