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Artist: Haystak
Album:  The New South
Song:   Ain't No Love
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Sound of a bowl bein' burned... Cough, cough...
sound of bowl still bein' burnt...

Yo, I want ya to twist somethin' up
I want ya to pour out somethin' to sip on
'N' we gonna reflect on these backstabbin' ass
So called friends we done had, A'ight...Come On..

My love is gone, my heart is gone
I have no one here, to mend this broken soul
"N there ain't no love, boy,"
My love is gone, my heart is gone
I have no one here, to mend this broken soul

I was once in the mix with some phony homies
Who turned they backs on me when I needed 'em most
N even though they my enemies I'm keepin' 'em close
Cause I can either sink 'em or keep 'em afloat
An' while the ship jumpers go searchin' for life preservers
I'm gonna stay here and try to repair the holes in my ship
Tighten the loose boards in the home that I built
I did this all by myself, I didn't never need your help
Dudes are dirty, they'll try to fuck ya 'gin
No dog you got it all wrong, I'm your pal
Put it on his kids lives, lookin' you in the eye
Knowin' the whole time he's tellin' a fuckin' lie
You were my go to guy, I could depend on you
Only people out to get me were friends like you
I know everyone out there can relate to Stak
Cause they got stab wounds all up an' down they back
An' that ain't love...


Have you ever had a dude, ridin' with you
Reppin' hard, he willin' to lay down n die for you
Gangsta, gangsta, even do time fo' you
But when it goes down you can't even find that dude
They get like ghosts when it's time to fued
We've been booed by them kinda dudes, a time or two
But they stop playin' as soon as we start kickin' they asses
Restrictin' they privileges, revokin' they passes
Who ever brought you 'round we gonna get on they asses
For even introducin' us to a snake in the grass
I smelt the fake on his ass, knew he was artificial
Never went to meet up with him without a pistol
"You know the business,"
The reason we ain't breakin' bread
Is I don't really know you dog, you could be the feds
N if that's the case not only are we offin' you
It's over for who ever brought you through
Cause that ain't love...


They don't know what love is, let alone loyalty
Backstabbers, waitin' for an opportunity to puncture me
Run it deep off in my lungs, screamin'
While I'm barely breathin' now
Look at you, yo' done
Over the years I grew eyes in the back of my head
Catch me slippin', my ass, fuck with Stak an yo' dead
No exceptions, trust is a fabrication
Thinkin' I won't blast you, yo sadly mistaken
I watched 'em come an' go, but the real ones stayed
A few of us stuck together an' a mill' was made
N bills got paid, even when times was tight
N I think about my people every rhyme I write
In this life best friends can turn into worst enemies
You don't believe me ask that boy Denahee'
Ah thats right you can't ask him
Cause his best friend blasted him
An' that ain't love...


Well you lil' ship jumpers
Did you really think I was gonna fall off withou yo' ass
I wouldn't stay afloat, Yeah fuckin' right
You'll never make or break me, Bitches, Man let's go...