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Artist: Haystak
Album:  From Start to Finish
Song:   Middle of Nowhere
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
All I Set out to do was get some food and some rent money to
TO tell the truth the vocal booth was my sanctuary
I spent endless hours in there I was so contrary
damn I tell my boy nick to stop
man that wasn't it so let's take it from the top
but being in here beats running from the cops
and swallowing rocks so I don't get caught
Knocked then locked, cuffed then booked
and in the mean time court cases got me shooked
What they going to what's going to be the outcome
in the mean time I'm going to cut another album
how come poor people never get acquitted
the motherfuckers say you did it then you did it
the next thing you know your being sentenced
snoody ass hoosiers like good riddence
Bitches you don't know how my life is
you ain't ever had to live like this
Made front of my off brand no name high tops
my people could'nt afford nike's and reeboks
but you ain't about to pick on me mannn
my family doing the best we can
Goodbye, I never hustled to get by
I never hustled to get high I hustled to survive
this is my life

[Chorus: x2]
The road I came down was a bumpy one
through the middle of nowhere
old country one resting my feet where so confident
I knew my work wasn't done for nothing

[Verse 2]
People said id never live to be grown
before id turn 18 I'd probably be gone
Sad and in a cemetery talkin to a stone feelin so all alone
Roll some purple kush or some northern light
but my grand mamma says there's more to life
then in good times I set down to write a good rhyme
and rolled a joint that's every bit of a good dime
So stressed I try to ease my mind mamma said baby
that's the way that it's gonna be sometime
id be so sick of trying most men would've coward out
and just started crying I'm facing god so strong
he won't leave me alone gave me a mind to think
with to feet 2 stand on 1 hand to write with
2 hands to fight with wrote a song bout my life
it goes like this...


[Verse 3]
Gun shots rang through the streets of my small town
seemed like slow mo when that little girl fell down
sad thing is it wasn't even a stray
they just aimed at that baby then blew her away
they said it was sort of gang initiation
they were trying to display loyalty and dedication
why didn't ya'll shoot ademo, me, red or jazz
cause you motherfuckers know we woulda killed ya ass
I was that kid who went to school cause lunch was free
and all they eva did for me was taught me to read
how to write add & subtract
how many grams was in a ounce of crack
how many ounces in a pound how many ounces in a kilogram
so what if I fail don't no body give a damn
feel so solo came in the world dolo
and that's why I'm going to go so

[Chorus: fade out]