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Artist: Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown
Album:  Daily Bread
Song:   Weak Won't Do
Typed by: @HassaanMackey @MelloMusicGroup

None of em good, they all garbage all of em novice should invest in vest
They're the best as targets this hot shit
Will hit em
In the side of they're conscience for talking out the
they're conscience coinciding Hassaan's sick
It's something wrong with me I'm on shit
Beyond them old secular songs and subliminal shit that the rest of them on
Speak my name and get torn to pieces nailed to death then hung from your features
Left there dangling, lungs touching your sneakers the sound muffles the ground crumbles
There's no where firm for you to stand
It's clear and evident you aint learn to use your hands
You would accept the burn if you man
But your scared to even breath near the directions of my square
And if your crew stares I got something that they could share
She'll slit and severe shit swooped ear to ear bitch

7 days wouldn't do,I'm treating this rap shit like food
7 days wouldn't do
So don't step to the stage to get chewed
7 days wouldn't do
I'm treating this rap shit like glue, stuck to it,yo what the fuck you wanna do?

You rappidy rap niggas can all save it
What ever you plan to bake is bland flavored
No matter how y'all stretch it cover and dress it
the taste tester's who taste it keep saying they can't taste shit
Nigga you grew up in the burbs this aint the same shit..
I'll push your head off the pedestal that your frame sit
Kick the shit in the crowd during the bang bitch
Then proceed rapping while your body still standing jamming like uncle bob
Vibing with the wailers
Throwing competition in a coffin sticking
All the nails in
Can't compare him unless its to a werewolf
Sit in my seat on a beat and get your chair pulled
right from up under your ass and that's real
and I don't give a fuck if you like how I feel
Yo just recognize the skill
And put per diem on the bill!