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Artist: Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown
Album:  Daily Bread
Song:   Tell Me
Typed by: @HassaanMackey @MelloMusicGroup

They say the music is too loud
but Radio Raheem's theme is keeping Hassaan attached to his dreams
And from killing one of yall my man
cause shit seems like I won't escape from these dreams
A nightmare on my street is always a reocurring theme
arguing with a fiend about a dollar and dream
Who will be a pesant and who'll reign supreme
who's destined for greatness and who's just insane!
In this world full of cream where money will allow us to be
anything but if you aint got the spray to help you keep up with the gleam
Whatever you possess is not the brand new thing
and that will provoke you to do things opposite
the color your mood ring the streets make examples
Out of crews,teams and clicks who be riding round in them things
sitting on rims showing off they change!

Chorus:(Tell Me) tell me whats up with your life
telll me how you pay your price
Tell me how you roll your dice
Telll me whats up with your hieghts and lows!

Wash my wears at the wash house
Ain't enough Clorox in the world to get the stains out
Same corners with the same plot same route
Hustle hard till they try and blow your brains out
Do all the shit in life that you can gain a name about
Let the babies watch and try to take the same route?
Yo you gotta be a man about yours cant fall for the okie doke and be on all fours
They gave the black man a black pres but what for?
Only to try and blame us more, while we live under the radar fighting the us war
Can't figure it out
What the fuck for?
Prices on chips escalating at the store
and cigarettes cost what a weed bag cost
got me hustling hard like I need that Porsche
but it's hard to get one and beat that court!