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Artist: Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown
Album:  Daily Bread
Song:   The Note
Typed by: @HassaanMackey @MelloMusicGroup

Line jotter super rhyme maker
Looking at the paper like hmmm I'll take her
To anywhere letters speak to cadence through speakers
Leaking all blatant to the people who need it
Stroke the pen till the choke hold genius
gets the vocal tones leaning that underground mean shit
My mind team stitching themes like a fiends fix doper than your re-mix
Fast forward them ask for's its me bitch!!
I've been doing well creating shapes
out of missing what I'm usually used to hearing on a tape
Traditions based on wisdom and balance equals faith
Radio play's only based on getting paid
Its secondary for me to be thinking like a slave
so I think like the page foundation laid
make way for the pains I display
rock it this way until my hue goes grey

Chorus: my tears have erased most the words still I don't understand

Mad man line for line writing on a mission
like Eli's with a pen in hand gripping rap different
Fans listen standing next to the speakers
ears bleeding from the bullshit most call mcing
so called mcing gone end?
Aint it a question of favorite when everything you hear plays again
Brain wash for deep thought if they let you in
Lose you in the mix of it but they'll call it spins
I wonder who gave power to them?
Who put the paper above pride of the pen?
Writing off topic to a pocket of depend
Dollar signs pointing to a profit of pretend locked into a bond with two separate ends
Once the contract's added the real math begins
Labels turn tables to you versus them
And that's where it ends