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Artist: Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown
Album:  Daily Bread
Song:   Dollar Bill Hill
Typed by: @HassaanMackey @MelloMusicGroup

Dear you cleared viewed out the window
Every since the days of straight legs and nintendo
I came to you to gain all the info
even showed me pathways to walk to my kin folks
back of the class made me swift
With a pencil in the hall ways listen to instrumentals
or in the lunch room beating on the lunch table
I'm kicking freetyles trying to keep my brain stable
Living conditions made me different
so I never did the things they do remained me and stayed true
Used to rock the neon green fat lac
 in the babe blue stan smiths eating up rap niggas like manwich
They keep telling me calm down I can't bitch
ghetto red hot way before the travel fox
My mothers brown gran turino and a boom box
busting shorts at the basketball court striped sox let's go!

Pinch a dollar bill good, stretch it till the next time come around
hand to hand learnings of the earner's who be hustling on the underground..

Grew up the fatherless boy, you know, the problem kid
my elders staring me down like what the problem is
My mother stares and she frowns because the block we live
has taken how she raised me and erased all of her accomplishments
Re drew them with money and promises of fame
though I been in this for years and still aint getting change
Balancing ideas on a broke niggas dreams
watching the the television while trying not to scream
Plotting for pies the main theme,slice yours good then make green
land full of make believe you can't breathe
Channel stays turned to what they want you to see Zero on repeat
sleep on a loop but me I keep the volume on boom no jeep!
Just the system and the bang goes deep
24 hour eye's open on the creep!