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Artist: GZA f/ Hell Razah, Ol' Dirty Bastard, RZA
Album:  Crash Your Crew 12"
Song:   Crash Your Crew (Remix)
Typed by:, Tha Masta

[Intro: RZA, (GZA)]
Hey yo
Turn my shit up son too
No doubt (know exactly what you talkin about)
Do-do yo (You know?)

[Chorus 4X: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
I'm gonna crash ya crew, I'm gonna crash you too

Let's drink wine from the purest grapevine in Rhine
Out my motherfuckin mind, metal shine
Light blind, cut the mic line
Catch juice from the lamp pole
15 20-inch woofers blow the manhole
Made the street crack, massive feedback
Allah Math', spin the beat back
The crowd look, while the stage shook
Carpenters made errors, craftsman, had his head severed
Pyroclastic flow, heavy like tons of snow
Wrote this ryme in video, verbal assassin, blastin
Exploit ya breakthrough explosively
Echo chamber ate that rap up ferociously
Gained control, optimized the input channel
I said it relatively high for those on the panel
CD with the durable, long-life cover
Very similar to no other
I've seen a million try to set a flow, thousands that show
I observe with the patience of watchin a flower grow
But, when individuals they forgot the frisk
So, now his pursuit, is not without risk
A special no thanks for being flanked
My journalists that stay runnin in front a tanks
Flew out first class, came back close cash
Rough task, services, no math
Military campaign, bust shots, cause inflamation of the brain
Beat Crazy Eddie insane
Feel the pain, niggaz reign

[Chorus 8X]

[Hell Razah]
Make sure you got your helmet on and strap it on tight
Via satellite, I crash like Roswell, landed in a poverty hell
El Isreal, sippin cocktails, then we build like hammers and nails
Verbal carpentry, rap gettin rocked in road cells
Economically, I give labotomies, stay high off the finest weed
Form a colony off the words I prophecy
Brain damage you, crash your crew like Norfolk lawsuits
Mayday, pull out your parachute, check the parables
Drunk off the Absolut, get off my avenue
Drove you over like the bulldozer
Tell your cap'(tain) to train war soldiers
Your whole camp get the cold shoulder

[Chorus 8X]