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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  The Quilt
Song:   Like Father, Like Son (Papa's Song)
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Poppa was a rollin stone
But I wanna be the cover of a Rolling Stone
Only I know that I can't do it alone
Only I know that I can't do it alone

[Travie McCoy]
August 6 1981 I took my first breath
They said I smiled and cried 'til it was none left
I guess I knew what I was in for before hand
Miniature grown man
Third of three sons, Big Bird and squirt guns
Aunt Tamey dressed up like a clown, when I turned one
Scared the shit outta me but, thanks for tryin
Sittin in my high chair, throwin cake and cryin
I remember everything, every single detail
Clingin on to daddy's leg, like don't leave I'll be good
I promise, I'll do anything dad honest
But he had to go to work and bust his ass for them dollars
Now it all makes sense, back then I wasn't havin it
Obsessed with He-Man, so young and so +Adam+ent
More concerned with Castle Grayskull than baseball
Then I learned, if I worked a little, I could have it all
All my friends got allowances, I had a paper route
And when no one was lookin I threw the papers out
Got caught made dad furious
Said if you gonna do somethin do it right, that's what earnest it


[Travie McCoy]
Poppa was a rollin stone; workin hard while I'm at +Home Alone+
on some Macaulay Culkin sheeit
So be it - little man had a plan
Followed through with it, but moms was so inconsiderate
Illiterate nope~! I read the dictionary daily
Gift of gab of rap and set sail
And step-mom brought the whip end of the stick, nothin new to me
Don't act like my mama cause my dad bought you some jewelry
Oh, the tom foolery; I sat back and watched pops
play the ladies like chess, check-mate
Six sibilings, three different moms, can you imagine?
Simply seein your paycheck broken down to fractions
Papa was a peeimp - married four times
Indecisive, tryin to strike a gold mine
Siftin through the sand, somethin like a 49er
Numb to the point that my chest become a coalmine
But women come and go
And I'll be here till the bitter end pop I'm just lettin you know
I never understood +Temptation+
I guess we both got a little David Ruffin in us
Everybody sing it with us now

[Chorus] - 2X