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Artist: Gym Class Heroes f/ Estelle
Album:  The Quilt
Song:   Guilty as Charged
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus One 2X: Estelle]
I guess I'm guilty, 'til proven innocent
And I'll be gone before they know what I hit 'em with
And this predicament, is pure coincidence
Oh brother here comes another incident

[Chorus Two 2X: Estelle]
And if you're innocent, let me see you two step
Come on, let me see you two step

[Travie McCoy - over Chorus Two]
Ladies and gentlemen of the court
I'd like to say this first and foremost
I stand here before you
Representing myself, it's Travie, let's go~!

[Travie McCoy]
Slam the gavel, Judge Judy got a grudge
Interrogatin me for days on end and I won't budge
I'm on some Eddie Murphy +Raw+, "baby it wasn't me" shit
Wrong place, wrong time, I was there but I didn't see shit
Now you can throw the book at me and I'ma throw it right back
Slap the district attorney and ask him "How you like that?"
Then I'ma jump in front of the jury like my life is in your hands
Then break each and all their fingers just to make 'em understand
This is obviously a case of mistaken identity
Plus this face is too pretty to be in a penitentiary
Paranoid like Chris and Snoop was out to kill me
Walkin' on a thin wire; why they tryin to Marlo Stanfield me?

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

[Travie - over Chorus Two]
It's kinda blurry, I don't
I don't really remember much but
I think that

[Travie McCoy]
It went DOWN, LIKE, THIS - all I remember
was the studio, next thing you know, everything goes black
I woke up in the back of a squad car
Handcuffed until they threw my ass behind bars
I never claimed to be an angel, I just makin music
Something a little different you can bob your head to it
If that's crime, then fuck it, I'll do the time
But they tryin to give me 25 to life for every line
Go ahead and lock me up, throw away the key
But just imagine the monster you gonna make of me
And the moment that we all feared
Guilty on all charges for the dopest album of the year

[Chorus One]

[Estelle: repeat 4X]
I'm innocent, oooooooooooh

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two] w/ ad libs