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Artist: Gym Class Heroes f/ Patrick Stump
Album:  The Quilt
Song:   Catch Me If You Can
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Ha ha ha~! Yeah
You know what it is
I'm Shady Oaks finest baby
{?} how you feelin? You ready?
Haha, I am
Let's go!!

[Chorus 2X: Patrick Stump]
Ohh (hey/YEAH) well I'll be damned
I've been around the world and back again
From Japan and Amsterdam, with a ticket in my hand
Singin catch me if you can, catch catch me if you can

[Travie McCoy]
Now what the fuckery a 'gwan lately?
It seems like these emcees heads need de-flating
And I'ma play the pin because I've been waiting
to make my mark on pop culture for my generation
80's babies from the age of Nintendo
Transformers, Ninja Turtles, Hungry Hippos
G.I. Joes, Vogues, I can't forget the clothes
Kangaroos with the zippers, had a grip of those
Breaking into heavy spinning on my elbows
Couldn't get me out my shell-toes or Pel' throws
R.I.P. JMJ, IZ and Geraldine
Mo'me, Fonty Auntie, Grandma Christine
Uncle Bob, Nikki Sharon and Tito
You know I miss you more then Shaq miss free-throws (that's a lot)
You put them back in the air, when the weed's gone
Reminisce on when we was young, but now we grown - ha ha, c'mon


[Travie McCoy]
Ay y'all, let's talk about the scene for a minute
I know we ain't been seen in a minute
We left you for a minute, now we all up in it
Baby boy if you've got them big dreams go and get it
Never been the type with tight jeans, I won't fit it
When I see them scene girls, bet they all gon' get it
And I'm livin clean - now a lot of y'all won't get it
Know it's mean, but I don't give a damn if y'all don't get it
So fresh and so clean in my new jean fitted
While I'm laughin at the bacon, you're all crying at the clinic
I read a couple blogs and they had my ass livid
But now - I've got my own to whirl, gotta live with it
Never played basketball, but I could show you how to dribble
Makin moves in that black hatchback Honda Civic
like I did in high school, wishin I could relive it
But I can't so let's go on 'head and give the hook a revisit


Maybe I'm wrong
But after 26 years I feel I've payed my dues
So when you play this song
Just know that I live my life the way I choose
And now I stand here proudly in L.A.
at a sold out crowd and when no one's around
I refuse
To be an inferior to you

[Chorus] - 2X

Ohh! Hey
Ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha - ay!!