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Artist: Gym Class Heroes f/ Ghostface Killah, Reef the Lost Cauze, Patrick Stump
Album:  Clothes Off 12"
Song:   Clothes Off (Remix)
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Chorus: Patrick Stump (Travis McCoy)]
We have to take our clothes off (so sexy)
We have to party all night
We have to take our clothes off
To have a good time, oh no, no, no, no

[Travis McCoy]
Excuse me miss, I couldn't help but to notice how alone you are
I dig your attitude and how you're acting like you own the bar
Got me flashing keys and I don't even own a car
Front like you ain't feeling my charm, because I know you are
I'm trying to see how your lips feel
Oh I'm sorry, my name is Travey and I'm pretty much a big deal
Oh, you've never heard of me, that sounds absurd to me
The way you stole my attention was flat out burglary
What do you say let's exit stage left so me and you can
Possibly reconvene and play some naked peek-a-boo
Cause after all the blouse you're wearing is kinda see through
And it's obvious I'm heading wherever you're leading me too
I'm such an angel with a devilish angle
And quite the certified sweet talker
And you're buying every line of it girl
And I don't really blame you
If I was in your shoes I'd probably do the same too

[Chorus w/Reef the Lost Cauze ad-libs]

[Reef the Lost Cauze]
I went from ashey to classy, now they ask me
Ig they can have me, in the back seat
Of the Caddy, callin me daddy, smackin the phatty
Ghost and Travey, pass the hashies
Damn ma, them denims look tight
I'm into sex, any sex, I need you tonight
Cuz I'm not sleepin, and nah, I'm not creepin
No wife, no kids boo, you can stay the weekend
No pajamas, nothin to sleep in
Seems shallow, so jump in the deep end
Why go out baby, we can eat in
I don't discriminate color, there's no reason
You can be Black, Asian, Puerto Rican
German, Indian, Scicilian, Norweigan
No matter your region or click you be in
Straight from the hood, or a cracka like wheat thins


[Hook: Travis McCoy X2]
Travis got chicks, all hot chicks
Indie-rock chicks and hip-hop chicks
Thin chicks, round chicks
Black, white, yellow, and brown chicks

[ODB Sample]
Ghostface Killaaaaaaah

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, yo, whatup gorgeous, it's Toney, I seen you from affar
With that milkshake, bringin all the boys to the yard
Had to scoop you, like hey, take a look at my girlfriend
Hourgalss figure with your hair and your curls in
Sexy, down just to party all night
But you gotta take your clothes off just to make it right
Have a good time, good chance you can be mine
Like sixty eight, I only want a percent of your time
But I'm good for it love, the bank got crazy os
Catch me on tour with them Gym Class Heroes
You said, "Wait you Ghostface from the Wu-Tang Clan?
Where your boys at, my girl's dying to meet RZA man"
I laughed, ordered a chill bottle of Goose
You can get loose, I'll call the troops
Now we pulling out the Bentlies and six hundred Coups
But you gotta promise to get down to your birthday suit

[Chorus X2]

[Hook X2]