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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  The Papercut Chronicles
Song:   Faces in the Hall
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Verse One]
I knew this kid named Alberto
Funny style cat and his girl looked like a turtle
Not Lisa Turtle, just a turtle
High school track he ran the hurdle
His peers shed tears senior year when he got murdered
Now Alberto was your average A student
Participated in class, never came late and never truant
His family was picture perfect his older sister was prom queen
His dad a decorated vet for the Vietnam team
His mother was Dear Abby, an ordinary house wife
Like clockwork, always had dinner on the table at 5
But Alberto had a monster, he kept under his bed
And instead of lettin it out, he just got a girlfriend instead
She knew something was funny, she could tell by his behavior
Or the way he flamboyantly shook his hand when he would wave to her
She thought nuttin of it and just shoved it in the closet
Until the day the word dripped out like leaky faucet
Alberto was homosexual; I ain't have nothin against it
But little Ronnie Johnson and all his football player friends did
They'd always pick and nag, call him fag and such and such
And couldn't wait to get to gym so they could really bust his nuts
The gym teacher never cared, he'd just join in on the action
He'd make silly gestures and compare him to Micheal Jackson
Alberto couldn't take it he just stopped showin up
And whenever he walked them halls he just felt like throwin up
And at night, he would cry and cry and ask "God why?"
Like "God, why in the fuck I had to be born this way?"
God would reply, "Son you gotta show 'em you're more than gay"
(Gotta show 'em you're more than gay..)
See he had dreams to be a track star
Until the warm April night them gay jokes went way too far
Ronnie begged for his forgiveness and invited him to a party
Cause his parents went away and left him plenty of Bacardi
Alberto kindly accepted, he was finally accepted
Except it was all deception and left him all unprotected
It was a plan Ronnie had scammed to get him in the right place
Verbally degrade him and rearrange his pretty face
The plan would go swiftly, they started callin him sissy
One punch turned into fifty they beat him till he was dizzy
Now Alberto lie in blood while his peers look on in fear
He took his last breath and passed away his senior year
Needless to say it was one big tragedy
And how was Ronnie gonna explain it to his family
While they were on vacation takin in sights
He got wasted and killed a kid that night

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
Don't be a slave and behave the way they do
Just utilize the gifts that God gave you

[Verse Two]
I knew this girl named Maria, bright and talented
With aspirations to be a, big superstar
What a great idea, until she fell off
and started to listenin to her peers - oh dear!
Now Maria was your typical obnoxious analytical
Headstrong rebel flippin off the principal
Single mother home structure, she looked after baby brother
While moms worked two jobs just to buy supper
Pops was a strugglin musician, troubled man
Jugglin family and heroin addiction
He overdosed and left a notice of eviction
And, a crate of records on the table in the kitchen
And, a little angel with a keen sense of sound
Who saw silence in the records she found
And she would stay up late at night
Recitin songs to herself under pale moonlight
Rightin wrongs that her pops made
Promised her mom she would never go that same route, turns out
Carrie Anne had other plans
Her and her man Ronnie most popular, second best to nobody
Homecoming queen versus ugly duckling
And the story ends the same way
Okay Ronnie's parents went away for a couple of days
And told him no drinkin - what the fuck was they thinkin?
Maria was oblivious that her boyfriend had already been invited
So when Carrie Anne asked, she got all excited
Like "Damn, now I got somethin to look forward to"
Or so she thought
Maria kindly accepted, she was finally accepted
Except it was all bullshit, now pay attention
Carrie Anne hated Maria cause she could sing
So she scored a bag of heroin, but the craziest thing
Was Maria never touched drugs, she did that night
And when her man was gettin beat she was nowhere in sight
Now her boyfriend lie in blood and she had no idea
Alberto passed away and she got hooked her senior year
Needless to say it was one big tragedy
And, I hate to break it but it doesn't end happily
A warm day in May, the sky was so beautiful
Carrie Anne died in a crash leavin the funeral