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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  The Papercut Chronicles
Song:   Everyday's Forecast
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*rainfall and drums to open*}

You think you know, but you have no idea
This the diary of a breathing onomatopoeia

[Verse One]
Now here's another broken link for anyone who thinks my life's together
I rock a raincoat despite the pleasant weather
God placed a permanent dark cloud above my head
But he was nice enough to loan me a holy umbrella
Thank ya fella, how considerate
I'm the illegitimate son of accident-prone degenerates
Today's forecast partly cloudy with a good chance of rain
So I wear my sarcasm badge proudly
And, flash a devilish grin
That'll make the most masculine of men skeptical of his existence
And when the rain begins, I'll take a seat to retire
and admire the spectacle from a distance
For instance, there was this cat the other day
Shootin me ice grills, but when I looked he looked the other way
Now any other day I wouldn't let this type of shit bother me
Today it was enough to make my lucky charms soggy
So, finally I stepped to him, kindly disrespected him
Looked him dead in the eyes and analyzed how it effected him
He broke down in tears talkin 'bout how God neglected him

Make this rain go away
Things would be much better; I swear, I swear
If that sun, can come out today
Life would be more worthwhile, worthwhile

[Verse Two]
And all it took was a sewin needle, to deflate my swollen ego
Then, pop pop went my God complex
I never thought nineteen years after my first breath
I'd be in art school surrounded by corny fucks debatin who's more depressed
I'm twenty-two now, and still can't deal with what's real
But I'll be damned if I give up and settle for pills
Shit my daddy taught me better; mommy taught me how to crack 40's
and jack six-packs in oversized sweaters
Over time weather changes, so I'm in the rain waitin
For the flood gates to open impersonatin
my favorite VH-1 "Behind the Music" tragedy
Catastrophe never tasted so acidic before
I'm PH balanced for the floor but strong enough to stay afloat
And doggy paddle long enough to catch that life preserver rope
And then, I'll be on a parallel ladder laughin like
Damn my man, for the love of Pete what happened
Finally I'll step to you, kindly disrespect you
Look you dead in the eyes and analyze how it affects you
Watch you break down in tears talkin bout how God neglected you


[repeat 2X]
You ever watch a whole day wash away
Like your very last match that got wet the second you struck it
Well go ahead relieve your stress, kick that bucket all you want
A cigarette that never mattered's what you're stuck with


[repeat the 2X above with Chorus overlapping]