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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  The Papercut Chronicles
Song:   Boomerang Theory *
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* Japanese bonus track

[Travie McCoy]
The other night

I got arrested by the karma police and beat down
And didn't bother waiting for my receipt, hopped on my feet and skipped town
They say what goes around comes around and I have found that that's real
cause even with a stomach filled with chill pills, I still feel ill

[Travie McCoy]
The other night I got arrested by the karma coppers
and tossed in the back of a sarcastic paddy wagon, and beaten bloody buddy
And I didn't resist, I knew I had it coming to me
I didn't get pissed when they issued the summons to me
For years and years, I re-perfected ignorance
and, peers and peers that listened so well
And from tears to tears, I tasted more than influence
I'm stillm here on this pier for fear of settin sail
Evidence proved I let paranoia get the best of me
I gave my girl a little and let my friends receive the rest of me
So her I am with nothing, empty pockets, twenty stock tips
and a stick of gum and far too many dreams of having something
So, this is for the frogs that felt wrath of my firecrackers
and all the roaches that I stomped with no regard
and all the candy that got stolen from the corner store
I'm really sorry being human's kind of hard


[Travie McCoy]
Okay, okay, okay
This is what I get; I mean no disrespect but
I'll accept the charges you can keep your plea bargains
Pardon - I made this machine, and every rusty cog that's in it
and gave you the dreams, just wait a cotton picking minute
The time the time left over on my dinner plate
The crimes, the crimes committed as a youth
I'm fine, I'm fine just let me ree-valuate
I'm innocent - don't believe me? Well here's the proof
I've been that model citizen, paper route and all
Small enough to look up skirts and tall enough to play basketball
I had to fall, just to stand and realize I'm just a man
so here I am in handcuffs, for the shit that makes a man tough
So this is for the farmers we have mass soaked with our water guns
And all the animals that died cause we were bored
And all the girls with broken hearts I'm truly sorry
I learned my lesson, I'm confessing, hit record

[Chorus] - 2X