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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  The Papercut Chronicles II
Song:   Martyrial Girl$
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Yeah, ha ha~!
I'm officially goin in bruh
And refusing to come out, he he
Unless I'm bloody... let's go!

[Travie McCoy]
I'd like to think I pride myself on being humble
Let these other motherfuckers lose touch like a fumble
Cause you can keep a level head and have fun too
But I came to promote the game 'til they sayin uncle
Or at least 'til my name's in the same lane as Bun's
You gonna have to respect me for making being uncool cool
Ha! With no capris and sandals
Ray bans, skinny pants and flannels
So insecure I'm tugging at my t-shirt
cause I swear the girl behind me starin at my love handles
I just wanna change the channel or delete 'em
Where the fuck is Adam Sandler when you need him?
Uh-huh, or Christopher Walken
On my +Papercut+ shit again, thank God for Walkmans
And I gotta thank God often
Cause otherwise, I'd be like these other guys

This type of scene just ain't my thing
Everybody too cool for school
and yet somehow I never felt so alone
in a room full of people
So now I'mma seat on this stoop
And I'm gon' lace up my boots
And keep on walkin
'til I make my way home

[Travie McCoy]
WOW! Can someone tell me how I got here in the first place
Cause honestly, in my opinion this the worst place
I mean I even said hello to a few girls
I feel like Brad Pitt, stuck in +Cool World+
Cause everything's so foreign
And all they conversations borin
I mean, I'm practically snorin
Cause somebody please show me the door man?
Heh, cause I don't think that I can take it
Everybody here is desperate hits like replacements
That's probably why I ain't sayin shit
Oh what the hell, I might as well get wasted
Cause I'd rather be sedated
than conversate about whose sneakers are more outrageous
or whose outfit's the latest
I think I'll blow jokes on you, greatest


[Travie McCoy]
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
I advise you all
To the Papercut Chronicles II
Ha ha! It don't get much better... YEAH!!!