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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  The Papercut Chronicles II
Song:   Lazarus, Ze Gitan
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[Travie McCoy]
Let's go~! My first love was a chick from the sixth named Geneva
Had to take the 88 upstate just to see her
My mother never liked her, my father didn't neither
After 22 years I got eager and had to leave her
Now I'm realizing how much I really need her
but somethin told me follow my heart and headEeastwards
That's when I met Brooklyn, but Brooklyn was a cheater
The second I turned my back, Jay and Weezy tag teamed her
So I started packin, she asked me "What happened?"
Told her I was leavin for her older sister Manhattan
Manhattan was into rap so we started chit-chattin
And she was Chinese, Italian, black and a quarter Latin
Super high maintenance, and way too into fashion
Didn't even tell her peace, I left her number on a napkin
Damn! But back then was back then
Now I heard she went hollywood and began actin

I've been lookin for love, in all the wrong places
Oh somebody take me home
I've been fallin in love, with all the wrong faces
Please, oh somebody take me home - please take me home

[Travie McCoy]
And after Manhattan, I was actin silly
Messing with a sick body jawn named Philly
But that didn't work out too great
I'm vegetarian, and all she ate was cheesesteak
I went to Baltimore for Mary Ann and almost got married man
But she was self-centered always stuck in Maryland
I knew a slim thing named Virginia
I swear to god her body's smokin but she kept gettin thinner
And I'll never forget my first trizzie
In the bins with the Carolina twins gettin busy
I know they miss me but I had to leave early
On the 85 doin 85 ridin dirty
And my Geogia peach Savannah used to stay in Atlanta
Accent so thic,k I couldn't even understand her
And that's when I realized
I damn near ran through the whole I-95, WHOA!


[Travie McCoy]
Heh yeah, then I met Miami
She was Spanish - "Miami te amo, me llamo Travie"
She could tell that I wasn't bilingual
I said I don't know perrico but I know un poquito
We can hit South Beach and drink mojitos
And maybe you can introduce me to your people
Ha, yo no voy pa' tra
My first love keep on calling "Yo no voy pa' ya"
I think I finally found where I'ma stay
On I-95 but never forget the 88, no