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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  The Papercut Chronicles II
Song:   Holy Horseshit, Batman!!
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[Travie McCoy]
She reached her hand out with a pamphlet and I politely said "No ma'am
I mean no disrespect and I apologize if this fucks up your program
You tell me I'm gonna burn for lying, but the heat can turn water to wine
Well if there's a hell below then we're all gonna be just fine"
So there I stood - six feet in sin
A walking contradiction
But am I wrong for posing questions
or am I another lost soul searching?
Then she gave me a look, so unchristian
and told she'd pray for my children
I said "If you're so holy you'll probably out-live me
but if I bought a Jesus piece do you think he'd forgive me?"

Maybe I would be a fool to think
that somewhere in the sky's a place for me
What good would it be to pray for me?
You won't save me, don't pray for me

[Travie McCoy]
Now I've never been religious
I'm just a big fan of logistics
And if it makes sense then I'm all for it
I even pray if the situation calls for it
Somebody asked me if I believe in miracles
I try to answer without soundin satirical
I'm three years past my expiration
and yet I'm still fresher than a newborn
So I guess that's my explanation
but it's safe to say I've never seen a unicorn
And I never chase rainbows
But I heard the devil wears designer clothes
So does God have a favorite brand?
And for that matter, is he even a man?
And will I go to Hell for even sayin that?
Only time will tell, I'm just relayin facts


{*instrumental break/guitar solo*}

[Chorus] - 2X