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Artist: Travie McCoy (Gym Class Heroes)
Album:  Lazarus
Song:   Superbad (11:34)
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Ooooooh-ooooh-ooh {*3X*}

[Travie McCoy]
Drive slow, or drive fast
Whatever the destination is
I'ma leave all the numbers, on the dash
The sheriff's tryin to come to see me
But it ain't my fault, better say a prayer
cause I ain't trying to wait on the change
like my name was John Mayer, I swear
I came here to give 'em a show

It's 11:34, I'm on the road
It's almost noon and I ain't got nowhere to go
Ah, yeah, yeah
And this is the role, of my life
So I'ma have a little fun, and ride 'til I see the sun
Yeah, whoa, yeah

[Travie McCoy]
Got the time, got the place
If you want more of these Heinekens
you better go and give me my space, my space
Before I kick the dirt and head to the trunk
to get you a little taste, yeah I'm superbad
I'ma give you a little somethin that your sister and your momma
never had, coulda been your dad
I gotta go but I'll be right back


[Travie McCoy]
No doubt, I'm traveling
This is where I belong, yeah
I said the road that I'm riding
is where I belong, ummm, hey-ey-ey-eyyy!

[Chorus] - 2X

Of my life...