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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  For the Kids
Song:   Wejusfreestylin'
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*someone laughs*}
{*band member beatboxes in background*}

I flow nicely, you know who I be
Last name Patchouli, a/k/a Jimmy G
Be a rotten Crab Apple underground emcee
And I do this all for love so I rhyme for free
And that's, just fine with me
So let me tell you lil' somethin 'bout my family tree
I got roots from Italy, not Germany or Ireland
Fuck guns, it's all deadly lyrics that I'm firin
My kids don't listen, to what the Don say
They rattle the whole arm plate like Dante
from +The Last Don+ did, grab a L, then I'm
rollin chron' and gotta get the bomb lit son
I smoke so much I got a call just to get off
At the hospital they scrape my lunhs to get shit off
Model number {*reversed*} six inch four seven nine five
Unidentified fly jabs about to bail in sweat
and paranoia fluids and juices produces
a liquid army of Battlecats, with pins in they hand
This world's a notebook, I left my last thoughts in South America
Visualizin galaxies and starin at stars
And thinkin how my next verse might be, written on Mars
or Jupiter, most cats got cataracts in they third eye
That's why I, try to focus mine with the bird's eye perspective
Act like a ghetto child and get neglected
or like my fifth grade teacher disrespected
Now I'm on point, and Ritalin gets all the credit
Computer chips, underneath my skin so I'ma shed it
That's why I, stay focused my word is birth cause I deliver it
Lyrical M-I-C-sections induced by injections of Ritalin
{*everybody applauds*}