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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  For the Kids
Song:   This Thing Called Life
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Travie McCoy]
Yo; aiyyo I live by the sun and I'ma die by the sun
Can't be livin by the gun, man I never even held one
But does that, make me, less of a man?
Cause I got a spray can and not a gun in my hand
I got full clips of innocence, blaster gas
Leave them speechless I'm sketchin pieces while the cats is killin my thesis
It's hard to find peace of mind - but when you do, it's hard to keep
Ignorance will take you out in your sleep
It's just a little hard to swallow, nobody's a leader no more
They all follow, they heads as hollow as my man Michael's drum be
I know it's hard to believe, the casualties, they catch a disease
They quick to try to preach it to my family but somethin's gotta give
'fore I bring my kinds into this world. we gotta rearrange the way we live
We gotta rearrange the way we live

This thing called life is made of many decisions
The choices you make, determine, you and your livin
There's a rocketship headed for truth, you better get it
You find yourself, a waste of time tryin to fit in
This thing called life comes to many conclusions
You get one shot; you either, winnin or losin
I had to break free, from my, state of confusion
But it gave me the strength to see through hate's illusions

[Interlude: repeat 2X]
It's like that y'all, a-like that and yeah that
A like that y'all, a-like that and yeah that
A like that y'all, a-like that and yeah that
A like that

[Travie McCoy]
Sometimes I push my mental, way beyond my boundaries
and sometimes it's detrimental to my health
Nowadays we can't be out for self we got to free one another
Kill that racial blindfold so we can see one another
Ignorant racist, leavin scar tissue on the faces
of beautiful human beings - I see a new light
This thing called life creep up from behind like a sign on your back
Spark your mind with a rhyme and it's time to react
Addicted to this rap shit like +Pookie+ to crack
and won't stop writin 'til the mic is like a crack pipe
Don't get the wrong idea; this is for the cats usin
the third eye vision to try to find why we're here
You need to get up, get out, you're goin the wrong rid-doute
And I hope it don't take you too long to figure it out
I said I hope it don't take you too long


[Interlude: repeat 3X]
"Now clap your hands and say yeah!"

[Travie McCoy: repeat 4X]
This is more than just music to us, this is life
These cats ain't that amusin to us; we on a another level
Pissin on they heads from above; we in the clouds
watchin over the kids (watchin over)