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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  For the Kids
Song:   Happy Little Trees
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

You are not gonna believe this
I was in the back of the painting studio
burning happy little trees with Bob Ross
You ain't see me? Poundin up my canvas? (Nah)

[Travie McCoy]
Now who you know leave the scene messier than canvases by Jackson Pollock
Throwing multi-colored thoughts at a rapid pace
I'll, make a mess you dissect it and make sense of it
and get back to me, at your earliest convenience
Check my verbal sequence, as I texturize these tracks
Seven layers to be exact, eliminate the whack
With a firm brush stroke, I emcee paintily
Lyricists start crumb-ling from my scum-bling technique
As I tweak your audio and visual
Keep my drips minimal, messages subliminal
Cause me and rap go way back (we back) we compliment
So together we enhance one another that's common sense
High intensity, catches the eye, your jaw drops
Be a real critic, not explicit with false props
I keep my darks deep, my lights bright, I'm very thorough
with my chiaroscuro inspiration spark and a knife
Now watch me rock the spot like Basquiat, minus the heroin
I'll make my face popular like Andy did to Marilyn
It's kinda scary when, real art gets left behind
while they take bullshit and start sellin it to blind folks
But, I remain humble as long as paint swirls
Continues spinnin hot shit, on his twin 1200
color wheels of steel, fuck mass appeal
Art is art, only the real can truly feel it
Open your eyes and listen, combine your ears with vision
You do it cause you love it, or for cash that's your decision
(That's your decision, yhat's your decision...)
But all I know is, money can't buy my thoughts
It's like that

Aiyyo so I'm saying I was just kickin in the back of the painting studio
And Bob Ross came up to me and was like "Yo!
You wanna burn these happy little trees?" And I'm like
"Yo you the man Bob Ross, let's do this!" (What what what what?)
I'm serious man, not lyin!