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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  For the Kids
Song:   Crab Apple Kids
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: unknown movie dialogue]
You! Who are you?
You have no talent, you're a bad juggler
You can't walk the high wire, you can't tame a tiger
  Then I'll be a clown, like my grandfather! (Now Joey)
  You'll see! I'll show you all!
(That was cruel! You enjoy hurting people)
I would enjoy...

[Travie McCoy]
I roll with kids with pierced faces and bad attitudes
You'll get, stomped like a roach for actingrude, show some gratitude
Now we just might reserve the right to let you live
Think twice before you harass these Crab Ap Kids
Bring drama react, we know, to slap kids
The cap kids, puttin boogers on their wigs
And if it come to it, been known to decap kids
Blair Witch style, C-A-F written in twigs
In the thick situations, easy times and complications
From very short times to long durations
We building nations, from G-Town to Denver, C-O
From Cana-day what, all the way to San Francisco
So what you know about them hoodies with the Def One tag on the side
We coastin by while these cats just lag on the side
If someone told you Travis didn't love his Kids, they lied
You got a hoodie? Then rock it with pride

It be the C to the R-A-B, A-P-P-L-E
family until the day we D-I-E
Continuously extendin ourselves for you to see
Smell, hear, touch and taste
We be the C to the R-A-B, A-P-P-L-E
K-I-D's reppin this lovely
As you can see, endlessly
Spittin prophesies until the day we D-I-E

[Travie McCoy]
I roll with kids with nappy heads and backpacks that handle they business
The type of cats that whoop your ass at Tony Hawk with the quickness
Tricks like Benihana's, 360 judo Madonnas
Ride a long-ass rail for bonus points if they wanna
3-1-5 area code, lo and behold
And got that skill to make a dutchie burn slow when they roll
But this is bigger than Geneva, I got fam in Japan
And if you don't know, better ask Hiroko
Greet her with konichiwa, she'll tell you who's the best
Matter of fact, bokuwa, Trav is def
This shit it permanent, you shouldn't even be concerned with it
unless you rock a Crab aAple with a worm in it
You freshman to this game son, you just learnin it
And you can't touch the flame that we lace these burners with
Plus we hold our Pilot markers with the firmest grip
(The firmest grip, the firmest grip)

[Chorus] - 2X

[Travie McCoy]
These kids is like a hop skip and a leap from makin you sleep
like Snorlax, I got they backs with my rhyme broad axe
Rock a freaky Jason mask that you can barely see me through
Spit a thousand volts out my cheeks like Pikachu
Smell me, basically it ain't shit so you can tell me my mind's made up
Had my back to the exact day Crab Apple came up
Now we worldwide like dot com, just look the name up
www.epics, you know the rest
Double cross my crew I hope Jah blessed to say the less
but at least take that back, cause you speak with incoherence
Comin at us like that, will make {?} shit appearance
My crew's top brand, you musta got yo' shit off clearance (clearance)

... C-A-F to the death

[Chorus] - 2X