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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  For the Kids
Song:   Eighty-Five (Sie One Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Travie McCoy]
Yo Sie, cats be fallin behind
Tryin to keep up in time
Yo, yo

It seems like lately time be beatin my ass
Every step is like a right hook, from Iron Mike Tyson in his prime
It's like my mind is on a treadmill, I'm sweatin bullets
I see the plug but I can't pull it, the belt just keeps bringin me back
And every minute is like a "tiger uppercut" from Sagat
I'm up against these ropes and ain't no tellin if I'll win or not
These gloves is gettin heavy - it's fight or flight you know how that goes
Facin clocks is chasin got me dodgin obstacles
And every hour is like a tightrope. I walk with greasy shoes
Still yet I got my conscience tellin me that I can't lose
So every time I start slippin, and ego starts trippin
I focus real hard and levitate just like I'm God
and everything is lovely, I'm in the clouds no one above me
With the gift to differentiate snakes from those that love me
There's a thin line, between happiness and hopeless
An even thinner line between on point, and out of focus
But - back to my story, about my fall from glory
And how I levitate from the fate, time put before me
They say "be patient" - but what the fuck is patience
when my heart is racin? Put yourself in, my situation
Tried to be humble, you won't refrain from gettin pissed
when you look down to see you're fallin right through time's abyss
And start to see visions, memories you really miss
Simple things - like your first birthday wish
Your first girlfriend, your first love, your first french kiss
Your first time feelin hate, the first time you got dissed
Your first day of school, your very first college class
Your first time touchin titties, first time you got ass
Your first time learnin wrong from right, first lonely night
The first time you got your ass whooped in, your first real fight
Your first triple-double dare, your first pubic hair
Your first time watchin Jason, your first nightmare
That's when you realize that time was your worst nightmare
Now you're stuck askin yourself why, ain't life fair
You get closer to the bottom, see the end of your line
Your first time ever losin, this battle with time
But right before you meet your death, one more memory left
The only one that's obsolete, was your first breath {*3X*}

One moon to the next
Clocks switch when you least expect it
And make the simplest shit complex
The baby face got the planet fooled
Books get judged by the covers worldwide
Coincide with the illest
The real is just fictional dreams
No time to deal with two-dimensional fiends
Shit hits the fan with every click of a hand
I'll be a man eventually, when the kid in me is satisfied
But 'til the day arrives all I got is eighty-five

[Travie McCoy]
A clock can kill motivation, that's why I'm never rockin a watch
What's a deadline - when you're livin on your own time?
I'm livin slow, Peter Pan style son
You didn't know I never grow up, my mind is set at six years old
As far as I'm concerned this grown-up shit, is for the birds
So pass the Skittles, JuJu Fruits, the Now & Laters, and Nerds
I'm eatin sweets until my teeth fall out, and I can't see
And I'm deaf in my left ear but my right can hear cause I'm livin happily
So why you mad at me? Cause your frustrations gave you grey hairs
Ninety-nine percent of your life's spent, chasin American nightmares
THE FUCK OUT OF HERE~! I'm crazy childish, check the habits
I play with my food, pick my nose, and eat it damn it
Plus I pick my scabs, I'll be the first to pop a blister
Cause I'm more immature, than that cat from Sister-Sister
If my parents tell me no, I'ma do it anyway
Experience will make more sense than anything that they could ever say
Forever playin video games until I'm sleepy
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater please, you'll never beat me
So - basically you're better off paying a bill or somethin
Your mind is elderly, forty over the hill or somethin
I'm young at heart, I'ma forever be a kid
I'm on some Tom Hanks shit - you ever seen the movie +Big+?
My heart is trapped in '85 the coolest place I've ever been in my life
We watchin Smurfs, eatin Cinnamon Life
Never knew a crack +Rock+, cause it was +Fraggle+
The only pink +Pussy+ we knew was +Snaggle+, your mind's in the dirt
We playin Hungry Hippos 'til our hands hurt
What do you know about, pourin out a whole box of Trix to get the toy out?
Scared to, go to sleep cause somethin's under your bed
And all it, took was one look to get them thoughts out your head
And then ya, fall right to sleep without a worry in mind
That's why I, can't understand why cat's be hurryin time
And I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Crab Apple Kid
And I enjoy the company of people I relate with
But if it comes down to it, to deal with cat's that I despise
I just close my eyes and drift away to '85