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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  As Cruel as School Children
Song:   Sloppy Love Jingle, Pt. 3
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Sloppy Love Sequence 3
Cameras rollin - ACTION~!!

[Travie McCoy]
The bomb's been detonated; I'm just waiting for explosion
I was at second base and it was time for me to close in on third
With blurred vision and
precisely placed slurred words we started kissin
Man listen - it was like a scene
from a very bad B-movie with a very low budget
But fuck it! I was drunk and I admit I LOVED it, every last second
I couldn't kill that thought of us butt-ass naked
Telly surfin with the fan on
Chattin about the session and
Slowly get into some closet skeleton confessions
That's when, she made an offer that I couldn't refuse
And chills when up and down my legs like Samoan tattoos
She said she had a pad that wasn't too far away
And said she love it if I stayed 'til the following day
So it was time to exit stage left
I made my rounds, gave my pounds and hugs
Gathered my thoughts and took a deep breath {*INHALES*}
And now we walkin to the door but
Right before we stepped outside she bought me one more
("Yo good lookin out son!") And now I'm feelin it
I had my hand in my pocket but she stealin it
With our fingers interlocked and as we're walkin down Exchange Street
with our hearts pitter-pattin to the same beat
And then she popped the question like "Trav, you ever been in love?"
And I'm like "Tch, not that I recall
But there was one situation, but I didn't have the patience"
or the balls to say it
And everytime I try I just digitally delayed it
And it sound something like a 'duh duh duh duh duh'"
Man my speech impediment left my heart vacant without a single resident
The first ten had got evicted the second she settled in
I seen her the other day ridin my bike and kept peddlin
If it wasn't for meddling kids would love even exist? (Nope)
If it wasn't for alcohol would I be saying this? (Nope)
She probably took offense, I probably started getting sober
cause she started getting ugly and I think I probably told her
Then my feet got heavy, I started drippin sweat
I knew I was gettin into somethin I would later regret
Right when I lit the cigarette I caught occasional spins
I started wishin I was back at the bar with my friends
And then it happened - I fell flat on my face
When I awoke I found that I was in a very strange place
I must have got my wish granted cause I was butt-ass naked
but the only downside was that the room was pretty vacant
Except next to the bed there was this note on the dresser
while I'm trying to deal with this hangover head pressure
With a smile I grabbed the note with a smoke and sat back
"Dear whoever, lose my number - PS the sex was WHACK!"
{*people laughing*}