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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  As Cruel as School Children
Song:   Scandalous Scholastics
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And I can hear them talkin in the hallway
I'm always late for lunch learning dirty little leasons from you
Now my name is on the lips of every cheerleader in my school
Now I'm a legend in the locker room . . . . Legendary Baby

[Verse 1]
I was just a snot nose degenerate with thick pass perfection
Dodgen teachers out to give my late ass detention
Call me a heart throb but I made do
Usen those same yes and no notes I used in grad school
Folded love letters with the tab that reads pull here
Written back and forth notes for a full year
I use to day dream about Miss Maglassin
A type of fantasy you kind of feel guilty for havin but who hasn't
The only difference is besides the age is that I acted on it
And who wouldn't
A school boys crush A mature womans lusted
It ended off so well
And could tell the day she ask me to stay after class that it was all bad
But I just bit my lip and acted all mad
The bell rang
Class dismissed the door shut and her skirt went up
Thats a rap


[Verse 2]
We gave a brand new meaning to after school special
The second that are lips touch
She kiss my ribs and counted each one out loud
I tried my hardest not to gigle but I couldn't cause it tickled so much
She pulled my pants to half mass
I sayed Hey Miss M your gonna make me late for math class
The way she prays my balls was vicious
Thats what I like to call sack religous
1 time became 20 times
Before we knew it we stop carring about where we were doing it
From the classroom to the bathroom
And when all the students were gone we even do it in the staff room
From F to A's in less then 3 days
Not the under achievers the one with the best grades
Had the third floor shackin without breakin a sweat
God dam it felt good to be the teachers pet


[Verse 3]
Goodnes gracious accusations started flyin through buildin
Cruel as school children
This isn't how itss suppose to be
Reminiscen don't stand so close to me
And it was mostly my fault for lettin the shit happen
But I couldn't resist a little adolescent braggin  . . I mean
After all I was only 15 and she was showing me things my virgin eyes had never seen
And I never forgot the little meeting she called
but when she saw my reaction it made her applaud
So basically what your saying is if I don't keep tappin that ass
then you ain't going to let me pass
Some punishment lady and as I turn toward the door I look back
She had her clothes on the floor
Needles to say I pass with flying colors
but my teacher was my best friend's mother - damn