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Artist: Gym Class Heroes f/ Papoose
Album:  As Cruel as School Children
Song:   New Friend Request Remix
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[Verse 1]
I Remeber when I first laid eyes on you
My man Time introduced us but I was too shy to say hi
When I finaly built up enough nerve to drop a line
You made it clear you wasn't just a MySpace mystrious
I didn't take it personal
When you ignore my request to be a friend I spilled my best to hit send
Waited 2 weeks for a response and got nothin
Honestly it only made me want you more
Week 4 rolled around and I was this close to letting go
But something let me even know
I hardly knew you its plain to see we were meant to lock lips
You knocked me out with the brass knuckle tatted on your hips
I was on this website late nite lurken
When I got a message from you labeled urgent
You sayed you wasn't impressed by lame dudes with no game
______ Instant message your name
But the fact that you hit me back made me smile
You must of saw something you liked when you was skimming through my profile
You caught me at the most pivitle moment
Now I'll mailing my love with a dozen digital roses

So click approve
So sick 
But show me some kind of sign
And let me know its time to make my move
Click approve 
Come on girl baby I'm one of a kind and I ain't got time to lose
Click approve
Feelin me here but show me some kind of sign
And let me know its time to make my move
Click approve
Come on girl baby I'm one of a kind and I ain't got time to lose

[Verse 2]
Lets face it
Its a sad situation that we have to resort
to keyboard as a means of making relations but
I don't have the patients I'll get straight to the point
So this is me at my most honest
No egos
No Gym Class status just Travis
Love it or leave it but you got to admit
On the scale of 1 to Arsenal I'm the shit
just get over it and add me God damn it I've been waiting too long
I even wrote a song about it like to hear it here it go
If I being to igno just let me know. . . just let me know
But its hard for me to not hate when I'm on MySpace
I never see my face in your Top 8
Approaching 6 weeks now its kind of obvious
that you either occupied or playin a game
All my money on the matter this is not a L O L matter
Why would you pass up a chance this great
If I had 2 forces
And I split them down the middle
I could swing back and forth for 3 days
If I had 2 horses and I beatem wit authority
I gallop all the way to Canada to see your face   But
All I got is power of broken eye chat
Beside I hit you all the time but you never write back
I stay on my feet . . . .Shit
And be persistant till my name is legible you like to meet


I never been a follower my motto supreme
The only time I ever follow when I follow my dreams
The age of the computer
Internet feans I use to laugh when I see em sit in front of that screen
Till I did my homework
Now I do things different
Those the days when I was computer E literite
Now my finger tips make the internet vibreate
Got various friends we conversate
I reach over 2 million plays
I move at a high rate
So I'm already double platinum on MySpace
Triple W Pappose on line Dot com the greatest websit of all time
You want to make connections
MySpace Rhyme
Its over 85 million people world wide
The Internet was scattered but now its convenient
He unified the internet Tom is a genius