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Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album:  As Cruel as School Children
Song:   It's OK, But Just This Once!
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[Travie McCoy]
We put the "F U" back in fun; serve it up with a smile
You ain't heard this type of stuff in a while
I want your ears right now - ante up, buck stops here
Put your hands up, like you plan to volunteer
Olly olly oxen free - fresh outta detox
Can't afford the doctor's fee so floor it towards the weed spot
A whole city waitin for me to fall
cause I made a pretty penny outta nuttin at all
It's that "circle cirle dot dot" cootie shot shit y'know
Everybody lovin it, but ain't nobody touchin it
Yeah~! Decaydance takin over this year
I feel like dancin baby hold my fears, so sexy

And it's okay to be a little risky - ah the good times
Forget work it's all play at the end of the day - ah the good times
Just be sure to send the females my way - ah the good times
Oh look at how cute, we made a mess on the dance floor
So let me get a soul clap, that's what we got hands for {*clapping*}

That's exactly what I've been trying to tell you, Pete, look at 'em
I know you seen 'em as soon as we came in
Pick your jaw up man, it's alright we havin a good time
Ha! Stupid

[Travie McCoy]
Mission accomplished; Operation Spiked Punch successful
Now back to tellin girls I'm only 19, wowzers!
Bob's parents ain't back for another six hours
So it's just enough time to kill the keg that's in the shower
Curse you awkward stuff - follow the leader
Made today's big fish outta yesterday's bottom feeders
Until I'm belly up, it's all good times from here on out
From the beginning 'til we clear on out
It's like this year, my year, you here, who cares?
Focused, you can't handle it, we kill 'em like Crush Management
Please! I got no time to player hate
I'm the type to crash your party with Teddy Ruxpin and a Slayer tape


Seriously; for one, if I gave a fuck
My eyes would be locked onto yours
And I've got nothin that's goin on behind your back homey
For TWO - oh I'm sorry
I forgot, what were you sayin again? Exactly
Ignorance is bliss homey; you my dear make it fact
I'm just curious as to why you take yourself so serious
You missed the joke a year back, man
The punchline just hit you in the mouth

[Chorus] - 2X sans "let me get a soul clap" line