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Artist: Gym Class Heroes f/ William Beckett
Album:  As Cruel as School Children
Song:   7 Weeks
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[Travie McCoy]
My life's these yellow lines, concrete, and Parliament butts
Exhaust fumes and rest stops who drive hard for their bucks
Load in, sound check, play show, load out
Let's go, next city, oh great, off day
Hangovers, hangups, dialbacks, running make up
Apologies and promises, and nobody acknowledges
that boys in bands got it so damn bad
But we love like it the last cigarette we'll ever have
I'm puttin miles on my body, 'bout due for a tune up
and this gas station, food ain't really helpin but
I'm loving every minute, every road sign's
a reminder of exactly why we did it to begin with

[Chorus: William Beckett]
This is how it has to be
A kiss for luck, submerge myself
and in seven weeks resurface
Even if we don't look back again
Tired boys with wired eyes
Exposing imperfections
To the public eye we're perfect
Even if we don't look back again

[Travie McCoy]
I like these hotels, passports and random bag checks
Daydreams of love affairs that I haven't had yet
Touch down, baggage claim, new town, different dame
Same clothes, seven days, whew, damn I need to change
And it's a lifestyle I wouldn't recommend
Wild 'n Out on a level Nick Cannon couldn't comprehend (fuck outta here)
We made a lot of friends and even more enemies
some of which were genuine and others just pretend to be
It's all gravy baby, life's lovely
Even when the gray raincloud's right above me
The girl's textin me talkin about gettin' all cuddly
cause you paint a pretty picture but the frame is so ugly


[Travie McCoy]
And now it's - back in a van, with four of my mans
Until we, catchin a tan on the Florida sands
I feel like, tourin this land's made me more of a man
From Killa California to the shores of Japan
Good times stayin up late in Austin
Coast to coast, V-A to Chicago
To gettin up with Johnny Cupcakes in Boston
and smokin that most great eight in Colorado
Home ain't home no more; I hug the road
and kiss the concrete and sometimes I even hear her heartbeat
No matter where we go or where we at
We carry upstate on our back, it's like that

[Chorus] - 2X

[Outro: Travie McCoy] + (William Beckett)
So a lot of you don't realize
There's a whole subculture of boys driving around in vans
(Even if we don't look back again)
Looking for your daughters, and your lottery tickets
Love it or leave it - I'm like this)
(Even if we don't look back again)
I love my life, bitches~! Hehehe
(Even if we don't look back again)
(Even if we don't look back again)