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Artist: Gucci Mane f/ Cam'Ron, Lil Wayne
Album:  The State vs. Radric Davis
Song:   Stupid Wild
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: "Ohhh!" repeats 3X in the background]
Gucci! (Sonny)
Gucci! Brr, brr, brr

[Gucci Mane]
I'm the fire, you say you're mo' fire then nigga you a liar
Homey you and I, know the truth, but that's 'tween you and I
Stupid jewelry on me yeah, stupid jewelry on me now
If you think you fin' to shit on Gucci then just show me how
Someone dissed me yesterday, what I'm 'posed to do - go cry?
Put my money chasin million dollar mission on the side?
Cha-cha-chicken in my Lambo', bought two drumsticks and a thigh
I'm so hood right now I press a switch and gets my get high
Stupid wild, super stupid wild, homey that's my style
Girls fightin, hoes fist fightin, just to touch my towel
Gettin smart smart, I ain't been this hard in a while
Blow top off, I ain't been this hard in a while

[Chorus: Gucci Mane]
Stupid wild, super stupid wild, homey that's my style {*4X*}
Every single night I'm ball-lin
Sippin on the drank, girls craw-lin
Mostly every night I'm countin, countin
Niggaz wanna fight but I'm shootin, shootin {*2X*}

[Lil Wayne]
Wilder than a jaguar, whylin in a Jaguar
Ple-please don't play with me I'll put that pistol on your grandpa
I swear I'm so wild I think I just may need a sand bar
And if she on my team I bet that bitch know who she playin for
Mr. Coach Carter, or Mr. Go Harder
And I like my kush dry like a fish with no water
Swag-swagger stupid perfect, I might as well surf it
And if she ain't fuckin she get the voicemail service
Tell it like it be, bitch I do it for the Bloods
And every fuckin time I say su-woo it's for the Bloods
We do this like I love, man I do it like I does
And, if you wanna fight then come on you can fight my guns
Ha ha ha~! Weezy mayne
Young Money


Let's do the first, his and hers
Started gettin on my nerves so I hit her with a "BURR!"
Hustlers love me, all the haters hate me
They brothers wanna fight me, they sisters wanna date me
I tell her bless it baby, you could be my bust it baby
But stay in yo' place I need my space; don't suffocate me
Please! Back back don't approach us
Nope! Clack clack, click gats into holsters
Cops in black control they control us
Treat us like rats and roaches
But the blue Benz, got the blue lamps
And your wifey well we use her for her food stamps (true)
Ain't no big deal, but she keep the fridge filled
Eggs scrambled, cheese grilled, cold juice, the grits kill!
Don't forget veal, Italiano, Gallardo
Yeah them big wheels - like milk your wig spilled
We'll rush in your spot, knock knock sock or the Glock
It Gucci turn huh? You gon' suck it or not?


[Gucci Mane]
Bitches wanna fuck me, mainly
Cause I got a catch and I'm famous
I'm tryin to hold my head above water, water
Stack a million cash I just oughta, oughta
My chain cost a stack cause I'm Gu-cci
My wardrobe Gucci'd out like I'm boo-stin
I shine this all the time yeah I'ma shine (brr) shine
Wanna hate me? Get a ticket and join the line, fine
It's Gucci!! {*echoes*}