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Artist: (Gucci Mane f/) Mike Epps
Album:  The State vs. Radric Davis
Song:   Interlude: Toilet Bowl Shawty #2
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah yeah man I'ma, ay~!
Man I'm fin' to get up out that motherfucker
Them folk gonna let me go mayne!
  Ay man that's cool, that's cool man
  Let me get them, get them
  Ay can I get them snacks man?
  I'm workin more than any motherfucker in here man
Y'knahmtalkin bout man, way to get back on the turf man
  I feel you, yeah I feel you I feel you
  You deserve it mayne
Ay nigga, y'all nigga all out here in the motherfucker
  Ay man that's cool ay man wait, can I get them shoes too?
  Let me get the shoes, let me get the
Oh yeah, I'm gon' do what I'm gon do but
God damn whoop that {?} ass money, really
  I know that's right, I know that's right
  Send me somethin back nigga, sheeit!
  Send me somethin back up in this
  Put somethin on my books man, shit!
Oh yeah yeah, nigga handle that shit
  Let me, c'mon, let me get them honeybuns
  Watch out NIGGA, get up watch out nigga
  I got the honeybuns and the chips
  This my nigga right here Gucci Mane
  Guc' baby Guc'!
I ain't trippin, I ain't trippin, no
No, go ahead, pig out
  Let me get the shit
  Man I appreciate you baby, shit
Aw man it's all good y'know
Aw dude ain't nothin I keep it real y'know
  Yeah keep it real out there man y'knahmean?
  You out there gettin that money y'knahmean?
  Passin them motherfuckers
It's my time and they ain't know a thing about
  Yeah and you shinin like a motherfuckin
  {*toilet flushing*} diamond ring right now player
  'Preciate you {*voice fades out*}