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Artist: Gucci Mane f/ Birdman
Album:  The Return of Mr. Zone 6
Song:   Mouth Full of Golds
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*echoes: "Drumma Boy..."*}

[Gucci Mane]
It's Gucci!
Two times - Gucci, Gucci!
Please pardon me but I'm passin gas
To my entourage no gas masks
I'm in my old school, with the Georgia tag
With my Georgia ass and my red flag
I'm G'd up, from the feet up
In my black van with my feet up
And the blinds down and the beat up
Short bad bitch with the seat up
You know me, from the old me
On Jones Skreet, was a straight G
I was low key, ask HB
Now I'm 3D, come face me
I went toe to toe with the best of 'em
I'll bust shots at the rest of 'em
Don't test me, no tester
I rape you like Chester
I'm a rich-ass nigga, you a bitch-ass nigga
You a cornball, bar of soap, snitch-ass nigga
Wilt to the game, peeled some to the fame
Run up on me in a ditch quick nigga
I'ma tell you twice cause I'm Gucci two times
Fuck your clique and fuck your wife
If you got drama nigga you can meet me outside
Get your head bust wide for your old man pride
It's Gucci~!

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
I'ma rich-ass nigga with a mouth full of gold
Rich-ass nigga with a mouth full of gold {*2X*}
With a mouth full of gold {*2X*}

Platinum in my mouth bitch, shoot you in yo' face shit
Uptown, gangster bitch, 100 million dollar shit
All this money ain't shit, livin how we live it bitch
Redid my grill nigga, platinum to that gold shit
High price, high life, do this shit, every night
Shoot the dice pay the price, priceless when we roll them dice
Get it how we get it bitch
Flip that nigga been flippin them bricks
Five hundred thangs
Me and Gucci gonna split that shit
50 in banana clips twist someone we split your shit
Brand new Ferraris, Bugattis when we shinin bitch
Love Rich Gang nigga, we got them rangs nigga
Flippin them thangs nigga, ready to bang nigga


[Gucci Mane]
Gucci! Two times
I wear red shoes in my black car
I'm talkin slick like a rap star
I'm walkin slick like a trap star
Rich young G with gold teeth
A triple black cat just crossed my path
but it's a fo' door Jaguar
They put me in this game
but put you lames back at the snack bar
I'm black as hell but I'm rich as well
Got three dime pieces at the hotel
I'm goin hard, they blowin hard
I'm strapped up, no bodyguards
I pull your card, told you disregard
I'm goin dumb but I'm thinkin smart
But if you try my squad I'll hide your body parts
Gotta send a shout out to the boulevard
Gotta send a shout out to Bankhead
Gotta give a salute to Cambleton
Drop pull and pit, that yellow thang
Been park it like I just been gambling
With a hundred cake in my grill shorty
That's the way that I feel shorty
Ice cream on my face and chain
cause that's the life that I live, shorty~!


{*"Mouth full of gold" echoes to fade*}