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Artist: Gucci Mane
Album:  Hard to Kill
Song:   Hold Dat Thought
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Zaytoven on the track
Zay-tiggy! Gucci, Gucci
So Icy Entertainment
Let's go

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
They call me Chef Boy-R-G, but hold that thought
It's a Kodak moment, but hold that thought
My hurricane wrist game turn they turns off
Hot as Piggly Wiggly, cain't Kermit the Frog dawg

[Gucci Mane]
Early in the mornin, I ain't even yawnin
Cookin up a cake, like I'm doin a performance
When it come to flossin, I ain't even talkin
{?} on my dump, got my Chevy moonwalkin
Ten bricks on my Bart Simpson, just look
My watch, thirty-five pounds of kush
My ring, thirty-six O's my nig'
My bracelet, five hundred pounds of mid'
A Gucci wrapped tour bus, y'all hoes follow us
Party pack of pills man, hoes gonna swallow us
Naturally a loner, but love my kid
Mix the soda with the cola, I can buy me a friend
New swag somethin like Trap House times 10
E'ry nig' around me bust heads, YA DIG?~!
Iced out grill, I can't buy that bullshit
I'm with some street shit, like the reverend in the pulpit


[Gucci Mane]
Like the boy Rep Haghhm{?} I got a real got J
One gram for the eighty, that's a real good play
Got them Vince Carter quarters, add soda and water
I'm not athletic, but I'ma straight baller
The Spud Webb ticket, with the Larry Bird yay
And it's jumpin from the free throw like MJ
See my 'Vette pass by, like a Steve Nash pass
Say boy you lightnin fast, or the Utah Jazz
Like Dr. J shorts, my work real tight
You got that Atlanta Hawks yay, it won't get right
(You cain't get right) Catch me on the rebound, like Bo Outlaw
I'ma Mikey Vick it, whip it, cook it southpaw
Thirty-six hoe-zoes, tried to make the endzone
Made a sho' hard move, and used my cell phone
Always scramblin in the pot, just like Steve Young
Five for the Keyshawn, seven for the Deion


[Gucci Mane]
Gucci on fire like mojo crack pot
Fell over a chump, right back like crack rock
Money stupid dumb, just like Cold Blood
Just like Young Hot, I show no love
Mines is gettin like Cheeba, mines like Fat
And my trap roll hard, just like Shawty Black
I'ma country ass nigga, just like Ace
Gotta fetish, for the stones, just like UGK
My dough like bruh, yours like G
And my patience very short, just like Courtney C
Angie B, Russell P, but it's yo' choice
My girl Angel pussy deep, like Slick Man voice
Like Redd oh-three,  man I got bread
My pocket on swoll like HP fo'head
I'ma money go getter, so I'm like gettin {?}
Gotta a hundred hoes jockin, just like throwback


Ay man, Street Entertainment
So Icy Entertainment
We present the Trap-A-Thon
That's a money makin marathon
Cause Gucci Mane I'm a trapaholic
I'm addicted to the trap, you feel me?
I'm in Zone 6 central right now
Chillin in the traphouse
I got my A-R's to cook, you feel me?
I feel like a motherfuckin waffle house chef right now
GEAH! Gucci Mane, Laflare man
So Icy Entertainment, gone