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Artist: Grits
Album:  Dichotomy B
Song:   Next (Interlude)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

See it's not that you ain't fine
It's just that I ain't interested
Yep you guessed it I'm the result of a love that never lasted cause lust was always present
I was hoping by the way I dressed and ignored your previous attempts that it would be evident
that sweet talk leaves a sour taste in my mouth and there's no substance behind the shallowness of your arrogance

Yo-Coach gives me the impression that you think
I would find it a privilege that you extended a compliment my way
All I can say is your affirmations or confirmation's not revelations
that I'm the one to be pursued--brother I thought you knew

Yeah you're fine but good looks and tight gear won't get my time nearly as fast
as a man who's got enough insight to see beyond my Coke-bottle figure
and enough vision to make me believe without Priority's not a bed buddy but a soulmate

Time's a tickin I have no more to waste on little boys or Usher-like confessions
But that Mac-daddy garbage you just recited you're my carnal curse not a spiritual blessing
Fine men before your time taught me this lesson
and now I'm the one teaching you how to treat me
and those young girls who are following unknown
that a fine man makes them no less beautiful or deserving of
God's best
No less

I'm sorry about this for sounding rude