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Artist: Greenhouse Effect
Album:  Electric Purgatory Part Two
Song:   Hello World
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[Verse One] [Blueprint]
I'm on my Blackberry, got Belly on with the sound down
Slow jammin', drum programmin' with wild style
I make a beat, perfect it, my soul's electric
Soundtrack ain't old to the coldest of winters
It's Greenhouse
Play us at night and they act stupid
A baby of the 80's, Ronald Regan and crack music
React dope, hold back, the vibe is throw back
Next level, Rap City, midi and old wax
Compose a melody, dust off an LP
Rolled up skelly make my cipher complete
Whether rollin' in a Cutlass or MPV, we keep it movin'
Drop it till it slut in the streets
Now it's a movement
But people still fallin' asleep
Who give a fuck about a MTV?
Not me
Who give a fuck about a BET?
Not me
Who give a fuck about what the press write about me?

[Verse Two] [Illogic]
To my man DJ PRZM, God bless your life
I was just reminiscing about you with the wife
I like to cherish all the places that we hit, puttin' some smiles on faces
Keep me laughin', havin' tracks, debatin' cartoon favorites
Off the planet, keep it Weightless, haters try to scan in
Then we expanded, so advanced they cram to understand it
Dwellin' in the Bust is fragile
It'll test you if you livin' on the island, boxed in, it'll depress you
I was there, I'm not now, rebound, now I see clear
Escaped the newsprint that hate Zeus that's why I'm still here
For holy slaughter, odds against Ill was major
See I knew I'd shake the Earth with the birth of first, Jaheed
Three sons, they point me in the right direction
It's all connection, all the bad shit I did, was left after reflection
Now I'm makin' sure they ignore all the mediocre
Ready for war, purple hearts, for my three soldiers