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Artist: Grand Daddy I.U.
Album:  Lead Pipe
Song:   Take it From Da Top
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[ VERSE 1 ]
Yo, I'm takin mine off the top
Watchin niggas drop as I pass through
Run the money fast, faggot-ass, 'fore I blast you
Straight up and down, it's a stick-up, you know the time
Ain't nothin comin for free, so I'm takin mine
I pull out the .44, tear down your front door
And blow a big hole through your fuckin jaw
What I want I better get
The money, the drugs, the jewels
And muthafuck all that other shit
Save the song and a dance
I turn your ass upside down and tear the pockets off your pants
I'm hangin niggas like the Ku-Klux
I don't give two fucks
Kill a muthafucka for a few bucks
It's all about gettin stacks
Ain't open the dough sacks
Then fuck it, I break backs and make tracks
Time to catch another vic, run your shit or get licked
Tell the cops, hop? You ain't sayin nothin slick
I bust a nigga right in front of em
Right with a gun, if one of em
Riff, .45th ain't missin none of em
Shootin for loot, and I'm gettin it
Any muthafucka head in the way when I spray, then I'm hittin it
Hollow point shells makin you drop
So yo, run the dough on the down low, punk
Or I'ma take it from the top

(Take it from the tippity-tippity-top)
(Take it from) (Take it from)
(Take it from the tippity-tippity-top)   (2x)

[ VERSE 2 ]
Muthafuckas want beef, then come on, and niggas, set it
Instead you get wettted
That shit that you talkin is dead, so nigga, dead it
I'm real, and my steel's up for hire
Ain't givin a fuck, better duck or get bucked in the crossfire
Killin to me is just a job
My 9 to 5's homicide, ties with guys in the mob
Crucify, poison, neck's in a noose, you die
Ain't no use to try, got no juice? Good bye
Cause that's all she wrote
I'm leavin you dead in the dark with slash marks across the throat
Muthafuckas I mutilate, I'm servin your fate
And now you punk muthafuckas wanna negotiate
It's two ways to make a deal
And yo, that's my way or no way, so fuck the way you feel
Cause when I raise the 12-guage to your head
God bless the dead
Watchin your faggot-ass drop
So yo, run the dough on the down low, punk
Or I'ma take it from the top

[ VERSE 3 ]
Yo, give it the fuck up, punk, or get broken
Watch the gun smokin, fuck funny games, I ain't jokin
Straight up and down, I go to town with the pound
One quick trigger click and let off another round
It's like that, when I pull a gat and start sprayin
Your money or your life, muthafucka, you know the sayin
That's how a real nigga live
You talk about give and take, I take, but I ain't got shit to give
But muthafuckin hard times
A hard-ass cock and a glock that I use when I does my crimes
And I ain't never got popped
So yo, run the dough on the down low, punk
Or I'ma take it from the top