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Artist: Grand Daddy I.U.
Album:  Lead Pipe
Song:   Don't Stress Me
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Verse 1:
Yo guess who's back the tall slim mack witth the smooth flow
No need to speed so indeed I move slow
Rippin' the track smooth mellow and laid back 
Rap size paid mack ain't wack so save that 
Time to scrap I don't yap I draw blood
And brothers can't see this so I don't studder
Little neighborhood rumors and people out gossipin'
Said I was dead and couldn't get props again
But now I'm back on the scene stackin' up green
For hoe cakes to fiend you know the routine
Before I made it brothers didn't care
Now that I'm gettin' there 
Everybody and the momma wanna split and share
But I don't loan nobody jack 
Because I don't trick ya kick dirt behind my back
Said you knew when I was broke doin' crimes at the bar
Now I think I'm all that tryin' to pose like a star
You're sayin' I'm a chump and I forgot where I came from
Tellin' me other brothers be dissin' me while you're the main one
They wanna know what I've been doin' and where I've been
Now I'd be wrong if I'd cave your chest in
So take a pause for the cause keep you nose out my business kid
And mind yours don't have to fake the funk my man just be real
If something ain't right then let me know how ya feel 
But yo just don't stress me

Let me tell ya I don't need nobody
Tellin' me what to do I got my own way of doin' thangs
So you don't have to stress it at all
I am, doin' what I want 
And what I wanna do is my decision and mine alone
Cause it's all about me baby

Verse 2:
I live like a king do my own thing
Can't nobody tell me jack man I swing how I wanna swing
Got my own mind and my own ideas
The hell with influence and the pressure from my peers
Tellin' me what I should could can or can't do
But you be yourself let me be I.U.
Too many other problems goin' on in the world
Every other ten minutes gettin' beeps from my girl
But if you're on my side then you must understand
Gotta do what I gotta do baby I'm a man
Though I'm makin' moves you don't have to run me down
Cause if I didn't care then I wouldn't be around
So if ya think I'm wrong let me know what's on your mind
And we can sit and work out and everything will be fine
But yo don't stress me


Verse 3:
Yo my own moms and pops couldn't even understand
But ever since ten I been my own man
Made my own loot wheather it's legal or not
From robberys to sales inside of drug spots
But I did my time and I paid my dues
I found out for self the streets is bad news
So now I live different and I changed the plan
Tryin' to brake into the buisness so one day I'll be the man
Momma told me be a doctor a lawyer or a judge
But that ain't what I want so my mind don't budge
Try to send me to the service to be all I can be
Once you fail to realize that deciesions up to me
If I would of played the army I'd be fightin' in the war
But instead I'm makin' records and I'm goin' on tour 
So don't stress me