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Artist: Grand Daddy I.U. f/ Big Snow, Kid Capri, Taheim
Album:  Lead Pipe
Song:   Blast a New Asshole
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[ Verse 1: Grand Daddy I.U. ]
Yo, I'm terrorizin the slums
Beatin niggaz like drums for large sums
As five-o comes, I fill they ass full of dum-dums
So play the rear or get blown back
The U's a stone mack, I'm burnin your chest like cognac
I feel no remorse, the boss is blood-thirsty
Laughin while you punk niggaz beggin for mercy
Don't even waste your breath, just face your death
I kill off crews with no clues or traces left
All you find left behind is a death sign
And 12 dead niggaz hit up from the Tec-9
My brain is diseased with tendencies of homicide
Last punk who tried to bring the drama, his mama died
I got a plan to kill the motherfucking pope
And send his body parts back to God in an envelope
Niggaz say when you sin you got to pay
But I don't give a fuck, cause I'm goin to hell anyway
Wet shit like Machine Gun Kelly
I blow a nigga guts straight out his motherfucking belly
As I carry the hit out, watch the Tec spit out
2 in your fucking chest, blowin your whole shit out
The one in your head tearin your brain out the case
At point blank range rippin the veins out your face
I laugh and leave your ass layin dead
With big-ass chunks of meat hangin out your motherfucking head

There's no time to waste
Gotta go, get the cash flow
Bitch niggaz fuck around
Make me blast a new asshole

[ Verse 2: Big Snow ]
Yo, take all caution, cause Big Snow's known for extortion
I take what I want, and what I want is large portions
So cough up your money and your jewels
Your shirt and your shoes, punk motherfucker, you know the rules
I take mine at just one glance at the waistline
Niggaz be wishin they heard my name through the grapevine
Face to face, hesitation is unknown
Once spotted, you're lookin down the barrel of my chrome
(Yo Snow, leave that alone) Nigga please
Cause if a nigga sneeze I'm blowin his ass into smithereens
No time for talk or walkin around
Lay that ass on the ground
Cause that's the way it's goin down
Cause in this day and age a nigga gotta pay his dues
God bless the fools if a nigga refuse
Cause I chose either life or death
And even Jesus Christ paid the price cause ain't no disciples left
No exception, protection's the way
No discrimination, cause even mama duke got to pay
I'm playin you for keeps, so we will live in a torture
Will cost ya, from Big Snow, the Steady Flow enforcer


[ Verse 3: Kid Capri ]
Ease off, you bitch niggaz, please get off my back
It's the number one Kid, Tape Master mack
And bitch niggaz that step up, they gettin wet up
Head up, I'm fed up with the fake nigga set-up
It's easy to die, fuck around and you will
Quicker that you ever thought you would, for real
I come thick like a shake, bitch, don't forget
Step to niggaz real quick, cause I ain't scared of shit
So test this, I leave your fucking face a mess, it's
( ? ) and I tickle her breastes
A five day blow-out all up her ass
She'll be missin for a while cause that ass wouldn't last
To beat her punk man up, so bad he couldn't stand up
I woulda did it sooner, but he ran when I ran up
I'm stompin through the '90s with my 94 Timbs
Rollin in a Benz with the chrome-dipped rims
And niggaz wanna talk shit, fuck the whole congregation
I'm number one, so there's no need for aggravation
Let it be known, Kid Capri is on
Tell a friend on your motherfucking telephone


[ Verse 4: Taheim ]
I put rappers into trauma from my microphone drama
I'm new on the block, but got the skill of an oldtimer
My posse deep, niggaz sleep and catch mad rounds
Homicide call my crew the Black Bloodhounds
The wick-wack step back or catch a mack slap
Tryin my hands, pussy cat get your skull cracked
I never fronted, never stunted, never will, paw
I rip rhymes so fucking bad they made a mic law
But what the fuck, I'm still buckin diesel like a truck
I'm slidin skins across my sheets just like a hockey puck
So wanna-be-me's try to see me, but I'm too outrageous
On the d-l, shit I do be makin frontpages
The black sheep, I'm in deep like it's a life thing
Cause since I was born, goddammit, I was ghetto-trained
Matter of fact, check this track and tell me what you found
Big Taheim is beatin pussy motherfuckers down