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Artist: GQ Marley
Album:  Show That (S)
Song:   Show That
Typed by: @GQMarley420

*(Verse 1)*
NERDlife after partys in my dorm
Turn Up Its only three up in the morn
She down to fuck cause she loves a stoners charm
She asked me who's calling (Hello) that's Jake from State Farm
Ha-ha did I really use that line
Fuck it works every single time
She told me money makes her cum
Then my dick must be a dollar sign
We blame it all on that liquor
Takin shots of that Grey Goose
Latinas worshiping Marley
So they calling me Jesus
Piece on no Reeses
Rock Polos and fleeces
Nerd frames I'm a genius
Bout to get mil no regis
I'm on herb no peaches
My bank account looks decent
Your girl callin me frequent
But we keep it a secret
Nerdy nigga stay geeked up
Til I'm maxin out my Visa
She spent the night got terminated Hasta La Vista

Model chicks stay on my arm
(Watch a nigga show that)
Poppin Bottles in the club
(Watch a nigga show that)
(We aint gotta show that)
Your girl comin home with me
(Nigga you aint know that)

*(Chorus)(2x) *
Bad Hoes
New Clothes
You down to go

*(Verse 2)*
She said Marley can you teach me how to dougie
I don't dance Im just a motherfuckin druggy
Tonight I'm feelin lucky
got some trojans and a snuggie
Heard Amanda Bynes love me
She just tweeted my flow ugly
This Child's Play like Chucky
Used to clown around like Krusty
Vamp life bad bitches stay after me like Buffy
Make good girls turn slutty
With my WildKats No Kentucky
Green stretchin like Gumby
I eat tracks got the munchies
Beer pong to flip cup Drank so much got the hiccups
Mary Jane gettin lit up Smokin til I can sit up
Niggas be like (Marley) fuck yo opinion
They told me change is good but prefer a million