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Artist: The Gooneez & The Fratelleez f/ Kendrick Lamar
Album:  #Anonymous
Song:   Too Strong
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I done been through things in my life
Feels like too much
I could have broke down and lost my mind
But I'm too strong

[Andre Abella]
I remember being young growing up, we didn't have much
Going to school with no money, eating bagged lunch
Speaking of food inside my cupboards, it was sad but
knowing inside my mother never would abandon
us, and a sob was like the only thing I ever made
Really inside I'm trying hard not to cuss and scream
Wasn't a dream, I was surrounded by a couple fiends
Imagine the team stuck in the middle of amphetamines
Tryna survive the cliche, yeah by any means
Using the wit to get some milk and the rice and beans
Using the money that wasn't green, it was bag-brown
EBT, it was in me but I was damn proud
People was looking down like I was on the first floor
Like I'm looking for charity, I ain't begging, I'm just poor
Plenty and many times I can break and just lose my mind
But I'm strong and I carry on, I will never let it define me

[Chorus: 2X]

[Frank Clark]
Life's been hard, I'm working the garden, more like a fight in the dark
and need to eat but we starving and the lights would go off
I tried to keep it a secret, these things are eating at me
No being Leave It to Beaver, you see it's Tweedlee Dee
Eager to breathe, the heart is beating too fast
and hard to think what I'm seeing when pops is beating my ass
Though it made me a man on both feet, I'm an ox
Staying true to the plan to always do what I love
Could have gave up and ran, it would be never enough
and being less of a man, but damn we right on the cusp
Life in the gutter feels like a knife in the gut
and living righteous and brighter, so know we rising above
To judge a book by its cover would your biggest mistake
I realize like no other, I do believe in my fate
Bad dreams, best believe they gon' fade
and better days are coming my way

[Chorus: 2X]

[Kendrick Lamar]
Good kid, mad city, thirty niggas, thirty semi's
Plenty blunts, plenty Remy out the bottle till it's empty
Full throttle, fast life, Dale Earnhardt sent me
Hope I don't crash when I speed past, God forgive me
I can see my tribulations getting worse
Conversations with my past demons, can I soul search?
Hoping I can find something so defiant I can put a rose on it
Smelling death around the corner, don't you put your nose on it
Wake up on cold mornings thinking bout my life in general
Career criminal, picture that like a centrefold
Only the best of sinners know
how it hurts when you looking to be a saint but the way that you think is pitiful
Times is harder, where's your father?
You never had one, he never did bother
and so your passion is a permanent author
telling stories from the streets, don't let it shorten your sleep
Be strong

[Chorus: 2X]

*guitar solo*