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Artist: Goodie Mob
Album:  Soul Food
Song:   The Coming

As I begin fall in, I spark da riot
No longer quiet, I got a voice that's in ya ear
Stand clear, it's madness everywhere I look
But can't see so much I can't explain how I feel on da real
Everyday is like a ferris, looking to find some wheels
Homey after homey dying over humbug
Keeping my mind immune to pain
I'm going insane just thinking about the past
At last it's a future I can see much more that I got older
So I know how the game goes telling me like I can't cope
It's the dope you smoke that's why you looking at me ready to jack
Cause that crack got your back broke
Have to learn the hard way out the hood
Thank it's real when it's flaw I saw
This nigga get shot in front of my school it wasn't cool
That gangsta shit affects not poppin off just da 'jects
360 degrees all due with respect

It's da comin' of da killin' tool click...
Come back to prove it
Atlanta's got a killin' tool
Killin' tool click, watch the killin' tool click

Waa-taaah, tha angelical Ninja when ya blink
You'll need a shrink, how da fuck did you think
Dat I could be sniped nigga, see you fuckin' right
I'm mo' try to kill ya, straight drill ya, I take my fuckin life serious
You attack my self defense is war period
I know niggas all over the SWATS
Niggaz that'll get in yo' ass on the spot
Concoct like a wise wizard juts cuz I wear tha red eye
You may think I'm a high nigga, but looks could be deceiving
God lives within me and brother I feel him
I speak to God before I take my gat and juice ya
Cause he tha one that's holding my future
See as you learn me you journey out of time
Cause your present state I gotta take ya out ya mind
Y'all done let tha devil tear your perfect world up
Got men sleepin wit men and girls wit girls
Seems all right to you, hey but to me that's taboo, yes I do
Fuck that dumb shit I comes out wit
Drums hit some get tha hummin'
Comin from tha witch doctor's gun in killin' tool click
Atlanta's gotta killin' tool click

Bill wash my mouth out with soap sent you home with yo' shit pokin out
The loft shoutin' out obscenities
No it's just a dream, but I'm a sore loser
Figg murder, crosses burnin' in my front yard
KKK throwin up rallies but not no more in these parts
Trespassers gets penalized...
2:13 A.M. basic nine channel surfin'
This one-eyed monster servin it's purpose
Clampett's biggest hustle, nineteen-ninety-nine
Three dollars plus shippin'n'handlin
Majory credit card holders accepted
But I'm a minority septic tank on ABC...
Turner Broadcasting figures already done took over this beg
System just still runnin'... to be or not to be done in
At the push of a button is the question
I think they got this beh rigged to blow up in my face
Duddy the first Afro-can American to walk in space
Now who you think had the pleasure of tryin on they new shit
The nightmare continues, are we just penny gig's

It's da comin' of da killin' tool click...
Come back to prove it
Atlanta's got a killin' tool
Killin' tool click, watch the killin' tool click

East Point...
On the concrete is where I make my money at
On this concrete is where I make my livin' at
On this concrete is where your blood can flow
On this concrete fool if I don't get tha dough
I'm pumpin thangs out of suite 116
Got the Arab sewed up, stitched up, buckle up, buckle down, hit the sto'
7-Tre-1 as soon as I exit 166, traffic gettin' stuck, but fuck this
I hit tha back streets, ended up coming down Childress
Ain't no space, cut through the Fina, so I park, I hit my usual
I fuck and hold, flip and fold, no life insurance, but I got my Grady card
Depress me, stress me, tha same that exploit me
Suppress me, break Cam, run thinkin' of a son trying to see through tha fog
Just to see how far who's coming out the woods

And I suggest you don't fuck wit us
(ha ha ha) cracker you stuck wit us
And you know how long we been waiting for you
Devil, We know what you been contemplating to do
We have been here before, but surprise again
It is time for niggaz to uprise again
But we've been down for so long that you wondering how
It ain't a weapon taht you got that can stop me now
Because we don't die... won't die...
And won't never get no better if we don't try
But don't get scared niggaz get prepared, I gotta care
Cause them fuckin' devils never cared so come and find us
Get behind us
If you ain't hear the message clear, then rewind us
Cause we comin'

It's da comin' of da killin' tool click...
Come back to prove it
Atlanta's got a killin' tool
Killin' tool click, watch the killin' tool click