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Artist: Guru
Album:  Version 7.0 The Street Scriptures
Song:   Hood Dreamin
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus: sped up samples]
Daydream, I feel asleep, I'm in the flowers
For a couple of hours, what a beautiful day

The hood's full of kids that are thirsty and bold
I know a nigga who is bustin out a hearse that he stole
Ain't no talkin to 'em, ain't no callin him down
This ain't theatre, but he's the latest drama in town
You know dukes, he come through in a whirlwind
He don't give a fuck; he don't know the meaning of friend
Yup! I've seen it all in this life of mine
Most of us must resort to a life of crime
But if I don't got a gun, I use this knife of mine
If not I execute you with my mic divine
Let it be known that I do my thing
Since way back, been an Adidas and Puma king
To this day I'm alway seen in the finest threads
Last emcee I slayed can't find his head
Skip the long bus rides prefer to fly instead
Tell the promoter he got two seconds to find my bread

[Chorus] - 2X

Your girl is callin me cute, while you callin your troops
I got 'em wavin white flags, guess they callin a truce
I'm so nice - I got the young thugs open
Cause I'm just what they waited for, keep the nightclub smokin
Jealous cats wanna get out their glocks
Cause every pair that I wear be fresh out thebox
That's cool, cause I can see 'em comin
I'll send 'em hot ones with names on 'em, you can see I'm hummin
I'm fly, just like a private helicopter
Wannabees I'ma break your ass off, hella proper
You've been waitin for the chance to get put on
I'm self made, and your whole act is just a put on
So put on a jacket and tie, go job huntin
You was never real motherfucker stop frontin
A great rapper, can stand the test of time
I got some props, but now I want the rest of mine

[Chorus] - 2X