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Artist: Guru f/ Styles P
Album:  Version 7.0 The Street Scriptures
Song:   Don Status
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Guru]
Guru, Styles P
Solar on the triddack
Get ready niggaz
You know what time it is

[Chorus: Styles P]
You ain't really ready for war nigga
Blow your head off when it come through the door nigga
That's the shit that happen when you fuck with a raw nigga
Ghost and the Guru, get ready for more nigga

From the night life, to the daily hustle
Seems everything's a gamble like the daily double
While I spit on tracks, in mathematical codes
Recognize I've done it all, even had a few lows
Had many highs too, hurt many lives too
If you've got heart like me, there ain't many like you
I'm that neighborhood hero, that brother who cares
Since the hood's under attack I'm that brother who's there
Gully modern day prophet misunderstood like Jesus
With a sword like Muhammad, equipped with telekenesis
More patience than Job, liberatin the globe
with the tangible truth that you've been waitin to hold
I've been set up, blazed at, and scarred up
Had long talks with myself, slept on benches, barred up
That's far enough, can't let it go no more
Don status, no weakness to show no more

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Styles P]
It's the Ghost and the Guru; whoever wanna try
get fried when he die put his face in a mural
Nigga I assure you, you can get hit with the 4-2
I'm rougher than the seafloor of coral (I'm rough~!)
Nice with a sword like Zorro
Swing 'til your head look red and your legs look red
Cause I'm tryin to get bread just like Stella D'oro
Mask and the glove in the glovebox
I rap now but still take time to run, up in the drug spot (yeah)
Strike like a stick in the matchbook (strike)
I ain't in the wagon cause I like how the hatch look
I like how the pump and the Mac look, when I open it up
Spark can open you up, and see how your back look
The kid that come down with the slow flow, don't fuck with him
Get gunned down with a fo'-fo' for touchin him
I'm hustlin, into makin other niggaz sufferin

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Outro: Styles P]