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Artist:  GangStarr
Album:   The Ownerz
Song:    Eulogy
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[child's voice]
                "word up kid!"

                Yeah L.B., Bryan Moier
                I miss you man rest in peace
                To Endeara Bishop
                Rest in peace little lady
                To Claira Stewart
                I love you Aunt Ploute
                To the coffe boy Arden Franklin
                Rest in peace Res
                My nigga Headquarters
                Head up eyes and ears open
                Word is bond!
                Jam Master J, Big L
                Big Lee, Flamboyant for life
                Aaliyah, Mad Mark
                Boogie down Bronx
                P. O., Left Eye

The emotions that one goes thourgh, over a loss of a loved one
Or friend then, knowing the cost of rebuilding and carrying on
It gets so damn hard in this modern day Babylon
And disease runs rampant, so many men carry arm
So many have a lonely painful road to travel on
Mothers losing sons, improper use of guns
Children go astray because their parents were abusive ones
I used to run with the illest guys
Thourgh the realest eyes
I seen the realest and the illest die
The cycle continues, so many times the good ones
The young ones
So many misunderstood ones
Remembering their faces and voices
And when the wise man said
Life is full of choices
Some get caught up, others are innocent victims
All I know is they were close to us, and that we miss them

* I'm not sure about any of these names *

                Easy E , Big Pun
                Lil Bro, East New York
                Dorothy Clark, Sydney Clark Junior    "Rest in peace"
                Clarence Elam, Charles Elam
                Omar Pitts, D. J. Threat
                Big Mellow, D. J. Screw
                Aunt Nettie                           "Rest in peace"
                Uncle Frank, Harold Guy
                Poetic, Gravediggaz
                Fred Jordan, Ted Dimmy
                G. B. Greg Box                        "Rest in peace"
                Taheim Cambell
                Watch over your big brother
                Bumpy Knucks
                Harry Stricklin, Merla Santana        "Rest in peace"
                Rod Roshodm, Gerald Wichard
                Huey Beckam, Marie Clem
                Tony Malvow, Paula Crutchfield
                Ann Cambell                           "Rest in peace"
                Reverand Van Johnson, Coach Hoover Wright
                Valerie Wilson, Ura Wilson
                Jacob Boier, Weldon Irvine            "Rest in peace"
                Yeah! Hoover Carden
                Corey Stringer, Malik Sealy
                Boostin Kev, Edward Star
                Nina Simone, Ann Jones                "Rest in peace"