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Artist: Gnarls Barkley
Album:  The Odd Couple
Song:   Run (I'm a Natural Disaster)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah it's still the same, can't you feel the pain?
When the needle hits the vein, ain't nothing like the real thang
I've seen it once before and oh it's something else, good God!
Cool breeze come on in, sunshine come on down
These are the teardrops of a clown, the circus is comin to town
All I'm sayin is sometimes I'm more scared of myself
You better (MOVE!) I said (MOVE!) Ha yeah

(AHH!) Run away (AHH!) Run away
(AHH!) Run children (AHH!) Run for your life
(AHH!) Run away (AHH!) Run away
(AHH!) Run children (AHH!) Owww
Here it comes, said run!

Ah oooh!!
Yeah I'm on the run, see where I'm comin from
When you see me comin run, before you see what I'm runnin from
No time for question askin, time is passin by - alright
You can't win child, we've all tried to
You've been lied to, it's already inside you
Either you run right now or you best get ready to die
You better (MOVE!) I said (MOVE!) Oooh yeah


Hurry little children, run this way
I have got a, beast at bayyyyyyyyyy~!
.. you run as fast as you can
.. run as fast as you can

[repeat 2X]
(Lah!) La la lah, la la lah
(Lah!) La lah lah lahhhh
(Lah!) La la lah, la la lah