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Artist: Gnarls Barkley
Album:  The Odd Couple
Song:   Open Book
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Eyes filled with fire
Wish I was a better liar
It hurts when it's happening, and so I cry
The winter is even colder
I guess that I could have told ya
That I am safe and warm from the hell inside

Karma (karma!)
Take me (take me!)
Karma (karma!)
Break me; I am, an open book

The drum beat of my heart is tribal
Oh the sweet sound of survival
Shouts serenade this voice forever more
The sun would have to be frozen
For anything out there opposing
Not to be left in its own blood on the jungle floor

Karma (karma!)
Fight me (fight me!)
Karma (karma!)
Shake me; I am, an open book!
An open book

When I sing a song of peace
It soothes the savage beast
Even it understands that I understand at least
So you mortals just keep this in mind
This is the way I'm designed
And I am no power so I'll only die one time

Karma (karma!)
Kill me (kill me!)
You have (karma!)
To kill me (kill me!)
I am, an open book
An open book

{*ad libs*}