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Artist: Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson
Album:  Secrets
Song:   Three Miles Down
Typed by: [transcribed from jacket sleeve]

Here come the mine cars; it's damn near dawn
Another shift of men, some of my friends, comin on
Hard to imagine workin in the mines
Coal dust in your lungs, on your skin and on your mind
I've listened to the speeches
but it occours to me politicians just don't understand
the thoughts of isolation, ain't no sunshine underground
It's like workin' in a graveyard three miles down

Damn near a legend as old as the mines
things that happen in the pits just don't change with the times
Work 'til you're exhausted in too little spacwe
a history of desastrous fears etched on your face
Somebody signs a paper, ev'ry body thinks it's fine
but Taft and Hartley ain't done one day in the mines
You start to stiffen! You heard a crackin sound!
It's like workin in a graveyard three miles down