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Artist: Ghostface Killah f/ Freeway, Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Raekwon
Album:  GhostDeini the Great
Song:   Run (Remix)
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Pss.. yo, yo, yo (yo son roll!)
Oh shit, yo, yo, run!

[Ghostface Killah]
Aiyo, I jumped from the 8th floor step, hit the ground
The pound fell, cops is coming
Runnin' through the pissy stairwells, I ain't hear nothin'
Buggin', only thing I remember was the bullshit summon
so I stopped at the 2nd floor, ran across, cracks is fallin'
My pockets is lean, clean when I vanished off
Took off, made track look easy
The walkie talkies them D-E-T's had, black, they was rated P.G.
Run, I will not give up, no, quick flag the car down
Take me to.. Ghost here they come now!
Errr! Pull off quick, back up, hit the bitch, dog
Turned down Hill, light the Marley spliff
Run! I will not get bagged on the rock
Run! I seen what happened to Un, they bad with they cops
Run! They am' shit, plan shit, destroy evidence
Fuck a case, I'm not comin' home when I'm fifty six
Die with the heart of Scarface and take fifty licks
Before I let these crackers throw me and shit
Bounce if you a good kid, bounce, do the bird hop
Curse, swerve to get served, these cocksuckers got nerve
Heard I was killin' shit, they must got word
That I told the chief on Rich Port I don't wanna merge

I skated through the back of the building, hit the steps up
Ran up in Kay crib, lay daddy rest
I had to break free, police on me and they FB's
Yelling "I think his name Lex, that's his aunt, freeze"
That's when I hit the window, indo' coming out the back room
Boom, Pretty and his man, Black Caesar
Damn, they saw me and they bustin' at me
Cab just missed me, plus them goochie frames, foul, that's six fifty
Stop back at suite, them leaf defense slid through my man garden
Yelled out 'pardon', kept it moving, peace
Build be gone, ain't no honor amongst thieves
Please, plus they heard I'm getting parmagane cheese
And I won't stop moving til the metal dig me
Say word, yo, make 'em work for it, young rookie, ya'll need me
That's when it is, what it is, if it's that or the cup
But in the ill gangstas book what they niggas do is

[Chorus: Ghostface Killah]
Run! If you sell drugs in the school zone
Run! If you gettin' chased with no shoes on
Run! Fuck that! Run! Cops got, guns!
They givin' out life like by the tons
Run! If you ain't do shit, you it
That next felony, nigga, it's like three zip
So, run! Hop fences, jump over benches!
When you see me comin' get the fuck out the entrance!
Run! Fuck that! Run! Cops got guns!

[Interlude: Jadakiss (Ghostface Killah)]
Ah-hah! I might gotta take my shirt off (yeah, kid...)
I like that one (uh-huh, go in, go in!)

Yo, uh, it's Task Force Tuesday, the NARCS is in the black car
I got five hundred, hundred packs in my backyard
Clear twelve-twelve's, that look like stuff shells
I'm cuttin' niggas throats on the sails, while they puff L's
Don't leave nothin' unbagged, shave everything
I learned from the O.G.'s to save everything (to save everything)
They come by one more time, they gon' hop out
They two deep, and one is a bitch, she gettin' knocked out
Then I can get rid of the pack
But I just copped this pretty chrome thing, so I'm dippin' with that
Uh, down-shiftin' on 'em like I got gears on me
(Run!) Besides that, I got about 5 years on me
(Run!) Scared to death, runnin' like I got bears on me
(Run!) My Timb's start feelin' like they Nike Air's on me
(Run!) It's hard for me to slow down, it's like I'm on the Throughway
My belt's in the crib on the floor by my two-way
Now I'm try'nna hold my hammer up, and my pants too
If they don't kill me, they gon' give me a number I can't do
Rather it be the streets, then jail where I die at
And I'm ashmatic, so I'm lookin' for somewhere to hide at
But they too close, and I got this new toast
'Magine if I would of let off a shot or two, you know what I gotta do

Free hold east coast whole, boxing the Philly down
Down to Dela', when ya'll rarely toting the milli round
I bring the milli to ya house, I was just down south
Carolina had the milli down there
Pearl Beach had the heater in reach, and four freaks
In Hooters, I made 'em lose it when they heard freedom of speech
Told them freaks that I gotta run, I'm on the run
But they tried to make me stay, they showed me two hooters a piece
I stayed for a second but you know I gotta skate
It's like a race, cops chase me, I'm chasing the moon
Before I left the premise, saw two more bitches
They told me they was witches, told me hop on they broom
I did, and then we went zoom
Don't you know them witches got me outtie wit the quickness
I'm buggin', I'm trippin' in reality I'm skitzin'
The cops got me trapped in the Audi wit the Smith &


[Interlude: Lil Wayne]
D-Boy, yeah, Birdman Jr. in ya building, people
I'mma let you know how it go on my side of the mountain, whoadie

[Lil Wayne]
It's sure about does that you heard me
And I dropped in effect since 9/11
I'm on the avenue with nines, elevens, I'm a two times felon
That's why I keep the top up, on my 9-11
Pele, in New Orleans, ain't got no Rico law
So I keep that heat in the car, but they don't know
I had that 'dro in the seat of the car
But it's hot right now, so you can see me tomorrow
Ay, Ghostface, the youngins on the block duckin' blue & red lights
While your boy bypassing fare light
But if them cock suckers ever get me dead right
Three hots and the cops swallow weed and a knife, right?
I speed at night, take it easy in the day
Go hard wit the dough, take it easy wit the yae
Yup, Lil' Weezy, I get my loot up
But at the pull up, come, I say my crew run run, boy